7 Apr 2014

Ulidavaru Kandanthe

The day Rakshit declared on twitter about making Ulidavaru Kandanthe, I thought “star frenzy” had hit him bad; after success of SOLS and being on epitome of form as an actor, which fool would venture into direction. Rakshit has done it in style and silenced many people like me with his debut venture, how? Read on…
UK is stylish. Not with the costumes or uber cool studio sets but with frames; no one has actually dared retro style in the Sandalwood industry, Rakshit does. One can shoot anywhere and anyhow in Kodagu and the outcome will always be brilliant. But shooting in Dakshina Kannada, and commemorate the culture has to take sheer brilliance. Most of the earlier movies based out in Dakshina Kannada are often modified to woo the uncontrollable “Ghatta” crowd. Rakshit doesn’t, I guess being from the region one can actually see DK from director’s perspective. Tiger Dance, Yakshagana and the port scenes speak the culture, loud and clear.
UK does not have a story. It is “you, the audience” who can create a story, with perspectives of course. You are your own Sherlock here, except you are finding the reason behind the murder and not the culprit. Rarely does a move make you think, use your brains, stay locked to your seat and venture to get a popcorn refill, because once you are out, the story has nothing to offer. Your perspectives also will let you know how much you value relations, and their complexities. For example, you might find Rishab Shetty a cool dude, who wouldn’t have done xyz task, but someone else would find him the person behind the mishap. It’s how you think that matters. Akira Kurosawa, would be happy, if not proud.
UK has Ajaneesh Loknath. I am in love with the background score than the numbers. For every scene that “everyone” is complaining about being slow, Ajaneesh pitches in. Chapter two when Tara meets Rishab, everything about it is “slow” but the background score makes it so beautiful. That is exactly how a mom feels, when she meets her child. Be it 15 years or 15hours (in my case) If not for his music, I guess the chapter would not have any hold in the plot because it hardly adds to the narration.
I loved Sheetal as a narrator and not as journalist actor. I guess this is where Parvati Menon would have done an awesome job. But then, I loved the scenes involving Richi and Regina, a touch of flirting, loads of naughtiness and a pinch of love sorts of chemistry – very cute. What is much cuter is “Democracy”, balancing the entire set of characters single handedly in the plot.
Kudos to Sachin for his editing and for having the same perspective as that of Rakshit. Because understanding what the director wants to be narrated as part of editing is a touch job. Karm Chawla weaves magic on screen with his cinematography, special mention of him too.
Of course there are things that make UK a little complicated for the audience and the first one would be “too much usage of English” by characters (especially Richi) considering that the child was in remand for many years, the English is too hep for the audience.  Tulu is understandable but English is not. Subtitles had to be there from the day the movie was released, unfortunately not and this was quite a turn off for that section of audiences who are watching every scene but cannot understand the tulu and thereby losing few bits in the plot. This part of audience would not watch the move again. Cuban guy story is overly stretched by Rakshit in his chapter. I almost felt like saying “mundhak heL guru”. Achyuth Kumar and his talent of “learning & speaking Kundapura Kannada” should have been exploited more; I felt his part of chapter very short. I did not find Rishab shetty appealing to the character at all.
The chapter concept gives a “continuous” feel for UK, however it is not. The numbers chapters are from narration perspective but as a story it is “one”, this is too much for the audience to understand. Instead of numbering them, just naming them would have been a better approach.
And Richi – oh so good the entire 160 minutes. Making me fall in love with him, again and again. Bodaaa Sheera :- )
Two things out of this movie – Director Rakshit >>>>>> Actor Rakshit. Industry can have many actors but industry wants directors, hoping Rakshit would do wonders in coming years to Sandalwood. When I reviewed SOLS, even with biased frame of mind I appreciated Suni more than Rakshit, because for a movie to do well, it is definitely the director who has to hit the right chord. In Ulidavaru Kandanthe Rakshit has hit all the right chords; UK is not a suspense-thriller movie, but celebration – of Dakshina Kannada, the characters, their fates all entangled together in the name of perspectives.

25 Mar 2014

Letter Five

Dearest Kanva & Kshema,

Sigh. I am writing this with a heavy heart. I separated you both for good, is what I thought. Two days back when you both met after 3 weeks, the spark in your eyes, makes me want to ask sorry.

This is all Amma could do. You are safe with your grannies and that makes me feel very safe too. 

When with Missy I miss you beta Shelly and when with Shelly I want to see you Missy. If only there was a solution babies. If only. I promise to travel 30kms daily to be with both of you for whatever small time possible.

Ultimately Shelly is growing up watching star plus and Missy watching eTV. All in all its saas bahu athe sose dramas. Till you start chota bheem and yada yada cartoons enjoy the bakwaas.

This is my favorite pic of you both of late. Loads to learn from you two. I promise to learn fast.

Loads of love,

15 Mar 2014

Columbia Asia Mysore - do not enter

10 reasons why you should *not* choose health care at Columbia Asia, Mysore.

Please note that the patient was not adult but 4 months old baby.

1. You pay for diamonds and get stones in return 

The room that we opted was single room with AC that costs close to 4500 per day.  This does not have oven in case of boiling water. Agree that hospital has their own rules but when asked hot water was not provided too

The AC was not functioning properly and when temperature was lowered fool smell entered room. Every tucking time.

Main light was not in working condition and when asked was replaced during the stay instead of changing room.

Isn't it obvious that before assigning a room all this has to be taken care of????

They quote cradle but for a 4 months old baby provide newborn nicu crib and did not even arrange for one. Thankfully we were permitted to get a cradle from the house.

2. Nursing services suck

They charge 550 for nursing and the only work they do is, enter data into computer at nursing station and write who is responsible to care of the room in that shift. But actually no one cares.

They did not assign a paediatric nurse for us. On top of that they refuse to cater to baby needs. They ask everything for the parents and expect not to call them for services. Quoting less staff reasons.

We finally booked a nurse full time for the night and worst being that nurse was used for other rooms due to man power shortage. 

We asked the nicu staff to provide sponge bath and no one even cared. They don't take care nor do they let us take care. After so much tantrums we were allowed to have an extra bystander coz it's baby. One brother stopped the drips flow instead of loading the box. Imagine when the baby is only on drips what the outcome is.

3. Food and security

Security don't allow food inside and food facilities deny food.

No milk so no coffee. No cups so go drink coffee at the canteen and we cannot give it in the room are few things told to us.

How can the baby be let alone???

4. Cleaning

Food plates and glasses are not cleared timely basis. The plates still ly and the next timely food arrives.

This hospital is only good for OPD where each patient is mapped to a nurse but otherwise no one cares. Everyone wears suit and roams around but no one works.

There is no accountability, no coordination and finally no one knows what is happening to the patient.

Avoid Columbia Asia Mysore and for the same money choose a better hospital. Good for your life after all 

26 Jan 2014

Letter Three.

Dear Babies,

I want to call you that more. Babies. Coz with the speed you both are growing, you wouldn't be infants. Last I knew you rarely opened your eyes. Today, you are going crazy with coos and smiles.

I certainly cannot say "how did the 3 months pass"?. Coz I know how they were. It was not about lack of sleep or feeding 24/7 but the fact that I cannot be with both of you haunts me. Momma had to choose between who needs me more logic. It was not easy, I was frustrated yes but not tired.

I have tried my hands on everything. Caretaker for day for night all the time, none worked coz I wanted the best and they offered crap.

Me, grandma along with Gauri aunty are working hard, giving the best. We 3 will continue to do so, if not anyone else.

You are 3 months old and you need to know 3 fundas

1. Never do anything that will NOT make amma proud.

2. Marry the right person, coz 90% of your happiness and sorrows depend on them. How you may ask! Only you'd know.

3. Ignore all the silly judgements against you. Serious ones that hurt your ego, give them back. By proving them wrong. Its a tight slap sorts.

P.S: for now stop putting fingers into your mouth.


25 Dec 2013

Letter Two.

Dear Jeshtputr Shelly,

You are keeping up with big bro status very well. For a week when Missy was sick, you threw no tantrums and let amma and appa with her all the time.

You also made sure you drank right with naani and made no fuss. So that amma worried less and focused on sister dearest.

We all thought you'd cry like crazy after the vaccination. Bingo. You showed us how brave you are. Again let amma console 'in too much pain sister'.

Thank you. For being the bravest, when stupid amma mistook Oral thrush anti-fungal mouth paint to eye drops. Trust me, those 45secs were the longest and scariest seconds of my life.

Muah on your chubby cheeks,

Dear apple-of-my-eyes Missy,

Phew. Whattay month. No reason vomiting. Converted into no infection but diarrhea. First dose of antibiotics and probiotics. Stopping formula feed. On soya milk. Abdominal scan. Stool tests. Urine tests. Results normal and reason not known.

You did not show a single sign of irritation. While amma changed diapers every 5 mins, appa bottle fed with a hope that next few hours you'll be ok.

Amma, appa and Bratashri love you loads. Keep flashing that lovely smile of yours at life, just like you did during the abdominal scan at the radiologist.

Muah on your lovely eyes,