9 Dec 2015

Nightlife & Pub Finder in India

You are a newbie in the city and want to visit a good restaurant; there are many portals to assist you to have a sumptuous meal.
It is 10 pm, uninvited guest barge into your home and you are not in a mood to cook a meal, many portals available so that you can order food and fill their tummies.
Want to book a cab? There is a portal, try a new recipe, abundant recipes online; life and chores around it are made simple, all thanks to technology.
But imagine after a long, tiring day, you’d want to hit a pub for some good music and a drink. Bam, but have no idea about events happening around the town, about different themed parties, house parties and so. How about a portal that lets you find out about “Nightlife & Pub Finder in India”.
Currently, the focus on nightlife in India is mostly over the weekends and is still growing. Music plays a very important role in India’s nightlife; anything without music is usually a big no-no. An off-late lot of indie- bands are playing in the pubs rather than the regular DJs and discotheques. Most of the places do not admit people in random and are expected to have invites to ensure the crowd is known and thereby the attendees are very comfortable with the atmosphere. The whole idea of nightlife has a double edged sword named “not-safe” hanging and most of the establishments cater to tackle the sword in a diplomatic manner.
In this regard portal of Live in Style has lots of events lined up as per date or even as per location; either ways it lists all the happening parties of the town you are in. You could also keep a tab of the nightlife of another town, the one you have plans to head over the weekend. Every event listed in the link has details of the theme, the location, the contact number.
                                                     IMAGE CREDIT: LIVEINSTYLE.COM
This will help you wearing the right outfit and will make sure you do not stand out amongst the crowd, thereby avoiding embarrassment. This is an amazing step towards people planning to organize house parties too; they can list the parties in the party finder and be assured that the theme is a hit even with the strangers. You could meet some amazing people, all thanks to the party finder that is your personal assistant when it is about Nightlife in India.
Apart from helping people in planning their nightlife, Live in Style has another amazing step towards "Live Responsibly" where no matter how sloshed you are, the safety of returning home is taking care of; because you know the location and the distance back home, you could plan in advance on returning home by secure means. The portal also has many write-ups and tips as to how one can have fun and be responsible because it is not just about nightlife but how you live responsibly too.
All in all Live in Style is an amazing portal letting everyone know that “Nightlife in India” and “Live Responsibly” should go hand-in-hand.
DISCLAIMER: This blog caters to an audience aged 25 years and above

29 Oct 2015

Hari ge Prriya nam Shruthi

It was supposed to be ten minutes interview, but the conversation went on for an hour. Hariprriya is extremely down to earth, does not flaunt her stardom, and talks non-stop. Many a times both of us deviated from the question and had to re-collect the instance that triggered the topic.

Below are the chit-chat details

C: Shruthi to Hariprriyahege? (There is an extra letter ‘r’)  The change of name!

HP: When I did a tulu movie Badi, the director gave me some inferences that how many actresses have changed name and have gained positivity from it. Who gets to choose one’s own name? I was ok with the idea and the team came up with so many names from the letter “H”. Finally, I chose “Hariprriya”, because it means Lakshmi, who is ‘harigepriyavaadavalu’ and our family deity is Venkateshwara i.e. Hari.

C: Initial Kannada projects doomed, but the Tamil/Telugu movies did quite well, so was it tough to say yes to Kannada again.

HP:I entered the industry without a god-father. Those movies doomed yes, but my performance as in my acting skills was appreciated. That matters to me and yeah, initially I wasn’t very serious about this career path. But once I chose it as my profession, I have taken utmost care in choosing each and every role. I am also glad that whatever be the choices or decisions, I have learnt it through mistakes. I have made them so the positive impact for the rest of the years will be good.

C: Abbayi class Ammayi Mass v/s Neer Dose. How similar, how difficult?

HP: Very different in fact. ACAM was tailor made for Telugu audience, it is more on emotions and how will it be when a sex worker falls in love. My appearance is more towards glamorous, gaudy, loud type. In Neer Dose, my character is classy. The profession is same in both movies, but this one is on relationships. You will have to wait and watch to know more.

C: Why Neer Dose? It appears to be a jinxed project, yet.

HP: Many reasons actually,
  1. I admire Ramya and I always wanted to see how she has portrayed the character. But when the project stalled, I was disappointed.   
  2. The fact that the director has not lost hopes on his project for two years – it should be a very strong subject.  
  3. Director approached  me and told me his reason of choosing me, that it is because he considers me as a versatile actress. That means a lot. 
  4. They say I fit well as traditional, innocent girl, but this was a challenge. Doing a complete opposite of my reel image – I was game. 
  5. Finally, I wanted to do what no one has done in the Sandalwood industry instead of following the trend. My mom and my friends all of them told me, I should take it up.   My dad was a huge fan of Jaggesh, I am sure if he was around, he would be so happy to see me act with him.

C: We’ve heard you lost weight for Ricky, how close is the movie to you?

HP: I’ve given my heart, soul, weight and blood to the character. HaHa it is that close. The part where I play a naxal could never be healthy. I mean, they hardly get any food in the forest, also no parlor work in that schedule (grins). I followed strict diet, jogged after the shoot with the crew. I had cuts and bruises during the shoot but yes all worth because the movie looks amazing and I am very positive people will adore it.

C: Projects lined up?

HP: You know NeerDose, apart from that I am doing ModalanemaLe and Rajadhani 2, One Tamil movie "Varayo Vennilave"is ready for release.

We wish Hariprriya a great year ahead, cannot wait to savor Neer Dose ;- )

31 Aug 2015

Retired, but not tired.

The farewells I know usually end with a "last day at <<<organization>>> email". But retirement is a phenomenon, mixed emotions, apprehensions in seldom but a lot of memories. 

Two days back dad asked me to edit an article; during the editing process I realized that it was his speech, for the farewell ceremony planned by his friends on the eve of his retirement from the Karnataka State Police. None of the family members knew about this event and it has always been that way; dad never speaks about his work at home. We (mom, sister and I) have never been part of any functions, ceremonies or parties involving the police department.

Not because he didn’t mix work with family but he always told us not to waste productive time. He is a hard-working person and Mysoreans who know him will agree with me. But there were a lot of things I didn’t know and reading through the 5 pages of speech he had written made me very emotional. I never knew that fortune brought him to the police department nor did I know that his always wanted to be a lecturer.  

All through my life, I only know dad as a workaholic person, hardly took leave, went to work on festivals, was hardly at home and never went on any vacation. He wrote in his speech that he loved his profession to such an extent that it gave him peace of mind.

Speech had many names he was thankful for; since last two days every half an hour the names in the increased; he didn’t want to miss appreciating anyone for their support. We had a photo session with him in his Police uniform on Saturday, I am sure mom will cherish the joy of adding a star to his flap after his first promotion and her tricks of removing dust from the white uniform.

The invitation says a lot and as for me, I will forever cherish this Royal Enfield and my rides with dad.


15 Jul 2015

Naa Kanda Anashku

Past two weeks inda sakkath news nalliiro movie #RangiTaranga mattu adara director Anup Bhandari. You will not find much information on the internet about the guy next door (literally we realised we are neighbours) a small interview with the man himself from ಚಟ್ನಿಪುಡಿ

K: Story-Direction-Lyrics-Music-Singing – to dons too many roles, any particular reason?
AB: For me every role was a different process and none of them disturbed the other any which way, also some of the roles were taken in parallel.

K: Why not background music too then?
AB: That is something that requires too much dedication (this would affect the other process partially yes) and when I heard Ajuneesh’s music in UlidavaruKandanthe, I was impressed, for a debutant music director the classy tunes were uber awesome. It had to be him.

K: How did Lance end up being part of the movie, his journey from Hollywood to Sandalwood?
AB: Lance was the DOP when I did “Words”, a Hollywood movie that stars Russel Harvard. His ability to use natural lighting is why I wanted him to be part of the movie.

K: Did you feel that subtitles should be part of the movie only after the multiplexes picked up crowd?
AB: Nah, I always wanted subtitles to be part of the movie especially for the techies. But having it at all places would make it look like an art movie is what I think.

K: What inspired you to write RangiTaranga?
AB: Depression. That is what set me to write this story, when things don’t work as big as one thinks, everything boils down to mild budget movie and bingo that is what Rangitaranga is about.

K: Prime cast has newbies but the supporting cast are the seniors in the industry, how did you think about this drift level of casting?
AB: Each and everyone who are part of the movie had gone through the process of audition, it could be the doctor or the inspector or the head-master, and the first success of the movie had to be the perfect casting. 

We discussed about the multiplexes and Lido, AB told how lucky he feels about the way the word of mouth publicity has worked wonders for the movie and finally when I told him that “Kareyole” song haunts me every time I listen to it, “apart from the Ka-kaara it also reveals you the entire plot of Rangitaranga”, sums up Anup.

If you have watched the movie, do hear the song again because you will be shocked, the choice of ಅಚ್ಛಕನ್ನಡ and the way it narrates the story – mind blown AB!!!

10 Jul 2015


Is it a horror flick, yes it is. Is it a thriller, omg yes it is. Is it dark triad, hell yeah! Is it a movie one would discuss with people who have watched it too, of course yes.

Is it a Kannada movie, OH MY GOD, OF COURSE, YES IT IS, HELL YEAH!

Amidst few swamake movies, some of them failed because the way it was marketed for audience was wrong (Bahuparaak), there are good ones that stay in your heart (SOLS), some amazing ones that stay in your mind (Lucia), very few extraordinary ones you want to watch again (UlidavaruKandanthe) and then there are 0.01% of unexpected flicks that create huge noise, post release and survive/fare well due to “word of mouth” publicity – that’s “Rangitaranga” for you.

It’s a new wave in Sandalwood, which usually stinks of reckless remakes, hopeless ego and ‘nanginta-yaaru-kammi’ stardom. Slowly (running houseful in the weekdays at unusual time slots), the movie and the team have made a place in audience’s discussion over a cup of tea.

The first positive from Rangitaranga is AnupBhandari, the man who dons a lot of roles – the movie is written, directed by him and he debuts as a music director, lyricist and he sings as well. I remember Uppi and Guruprasad with this approach; Anup excels in each and every field. The story is slow for the first half and has ‘swalpa-jastine’ over-dramatic scenes but second half has terrific pace that I did not dare tweet amidst the movie, one small attention diversion and one loses part of the plot. The story, combined with an amazing screenplay asks the viewer to be very attentive.

The horror brings out the timid in you; too many not consumed popcorn tubs were spilled over the movie hall (good job!!),  it’s a visual treat – thanks to the D.O.P, forget the rain/falls/water, tulu-naadu is captured brilliantly. Not very impressed with the underwater shoot, I felt it was too much chaos and it did not convey what it had to (actually what?). 

Casting was the first win to the team, everyone has done exceptionally well for their debut movie and Saikumar, wonder on what basis Anup dreamt that he could perform this amazing role that is opposite to his forte.

Kareyole track haunts me so much that I listen to it all day and Anup told me that the song apart from having just Ka=kaara words, also narrates you the entire plot; my favourite line “KshenavellaKrutakaKatheyalliKaleyodaKalithole”and boy-o-boy Ajuneesh is indeed in some other level with the background music (the bit in the climax when heroine walks away from hero, sob sob music a stealer). It would be a sin if the “Denanna/GuddadaBhoota” music was touched and turned out to be crap, but then whoa, brain froze re-touch has happened to the song. Nirup, welcome to Sandalwood, wishing your talent is castoff the right way in the future.

Special mention to guy who played Angaara, anavashyakavaagiakasmaathaagi yen-yenoaago character, but that stern look in three frames of the movie – haha, too good to be playing this one dude.

Thank you team “Rangitaranga” for an amazing movie, more power to you guys. I rode the new wave, will you #RideTheNewWave ???