17 Sep 2014

Chapter 6 - Of Faded Realities and Daring Dreams


Soul of a Star

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Chapter 6 - Of Faded Realities and Daring Dreams

“We are not having any more discussion on this”, Shekhar snapped at Tara.

Shekhar wanted the wedding to be low profile, but would that be possible questioned Tara, considering she was the talk of the town. Her marriage would be high rate TRP material forthe media; so why would they let them settle their affair to a hush one? This was the reason Tara wanted a wedding which could show to the world how much she loved Shekhar…like an open declaration

Shekhar was adamant. Registered marriage it was; Tara was head over heels in love with this journalist that she would nod to every argument, however in haste. 

What has he done to her, she wondered. There are people who would say “yes” to anything she asks, her needs would be their command, and her “No” would be an order. 

But there she was, “holding a pen” instead of a garland, signing her name on the “Indian Special Marriage Act”.. But it didn’t matter, she loved him. She knew the effort it took her to get him as a life partner. He was tough from the outside but so fragile, wanting to be cared for or else he would shatter to pieces...

“You seemed lost during the vows exchange”, nudged Jeans; Tara’s “only” known witness. Other two were more strangers than witnesses. 

Court needs witnesses and thou shall be provided was the rule and everyone followed the same; so did Shekhar and Tara, she knew so many people but wasn’t allowed to invite; he knew none and hence did not need any invitations to be printed.

Tara had three wardrobes of garments, but her choice was what Shekhar had once liked; it was one of their dates and Shekhar had set his eyes on the magazine that lay on the table. 

"Look at this sari, subtle yet classy. You would look great in this”. 

She had ordered the same piece from the advertisement. They told her that was the only piece and they were out of stock; she got it custom made, sari would stay the same only the blouse will be studded with zardosi kundan work. 

She chose this as her wedding outfit while Shekhar wore a white and white kurta, hair neatly combed and a HMT formal watch.

“My gift is a wish; my wishes always come true; you guys should have a child like Cyrus, oh lord such a brat”, Jeans ran behind her naughty 10 yrs old nephew. 

Jennifer’s elder sister was very possessive and protective of her son Cyrus. The boy was never allowed on school picnics or vacations, “This is the first time she sent him out, I am starting to wonder what I did to get this Brownie point”, Jeans hugged Cyrus, and planted wet kisses all over the boy’s face affectionately.

Cyrus repeated what everyone spoke; Tara was irked by the little boy’s attitude. 

“Do not repeat what others say beta”, she told him in a soft tone.

“Do not repeat what others say,beta”, giggled Cyrus.

Tara gave him a stare; Shekhar took the boy away in pretext of getting him chocolates as if anticipating Tara’s anger.

“Thanks uncle, you are very good unlike aunty”, Cyrus had smeared chocolate on to his shirt.

“You are a naughty child”, Shekhar tried cleaning the stains “Is that why your mom doesn’t let you out?”

“I am not sure uncle. She is like that only. From too old time. Once, I pushed my friend inside water well, means tried, I failed. From that time she is doing like this”, Boy licked his lips and the chocolate traces weren’t visible at all. 

Shekhar looked shocked, Jeans laughed loud and Tara couldn’t believe what she just heard.


As days passed, the newly married couple faced too many compatibility issues. The whole debate of “love marriage” vs “arranged marriage” is bogus. All that counts before the 3 knots or the vows; once  married all lives are same. One wouldn’t like the toothpaste to be pushed from the middle instead neatly used pressing the end of the tube, while the other would totally be mad about the cleanliness. One’s obsession will often look like madness to the other, but no one understands that marrying ins itself a madness; a pleasurable one though however.

Shekhar was earning well, not in terms of Tara; but his salary ran the Dutta household pretty neat. But it was Tara’s shopping that irked him at times, he obliged saying it was her money that she was spending, which was OK and they still hadn’t planned for a family (yet).

Once a charmer, Shekhar had now become a grumpy person, who picked fights with Tara on trifle issues. Not that they did not spend happy times together, but with the pressures of life and the practicalities to cater to, those days were so few in number that one could easily mark them on the calendar.

Dressed in a Chiffon sareesari and halter neck blouse, she wore his favorite “pearl necklace”, she waited for Shekhar, and they had to talk. They had sex that night, but they did not make love.For the first time it was all lust. The crumpled sareesari and the blouse lying on the floor told the story..Today the bodies met to satisfy the physical need and maybe not the emotional one but it didn’t matter to Tara. Sex with Shekhar was magical just like every time. He forgot to use condoms and she did not remind him as she usually did. He didn’t kiss her good night yet she dozed.

If only they knew what they were dreaming about?


“I need a baby”, Shekhar told her one night.

“We cannot Shakes,Your alcohol habits have been high off late. Tell me sweetheart, What is haunting you that have resorted to alcohol?” she demanded.

“Never mind” Shekhar got up from the bed; “If you had paid attention you’d know”

This struck Tara; her emotions took her to her past, on how she was neglected all through her childhood and the step motherly treatment she underwent.

“You mean, this is about me?” she had to get an answer.

“No, your time; this is all about your time that is not available to me”

Tara didn’t know what she should do. The feeling of being treated as a normal individual was very refreshing initially and she saw lust in the eyes of others, Shekhar`s were different. She did not want to lose out, should I start a family? She asked herself.

Shekhar had failed as a writer; the big dreams he harboured regarding his career had crashed because he refused to accept criticism  from publishing houses. Even the talks with two ace Bollywood producers had been in vain because of the movies being shelved.


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8 Sep 2014

Private India by James Patterson and Ashwin Sanghi

About the Book:-

When a series of seemingly unconnected murders rock the city of Mumbai with the macabre rituals and artefacts found around the corpses, Private India, a leading investigation agency takes the case. Santosh Wagh, the head of the organization, has only one mission. He needs to stop the killers before they strike again. However, in a city of over 13 million people, he finds that the clock is ticking too fast. He finds himself pitted against underworld dons and a Godman who isn't what he seems. However, the worst is yet to come and Private India itself may be threatened with a revelation that could destroy the entire organization.

My View:

The only reading I have been doing since last 10 months is “this week your baby” sorts, sometimes “how to make sure the dad takes equal care of the babies” articles. Being a fan of James Patterson and his women murder club series, I never hesitated to be part of review program (yeah that’s right, I cannot go out shopping books with Shelly and Missy around)

The plot is engaging, gripping – true but it also gets boring at times. I am so bored of these authors including current affairs just to fill in pages; if it’s Mumbai then terrorism and if it’s Delhi the Nirbhaya episode. This is fine if it’s needed as part of storytelling otherwise it just bores the crap. I am certainly not a grammar nazi but this one is very funny, few places I had to re-read because I hardly understood what was being said. I also felt that there was sex, because it was needed for the sales.

This one is surely a feast if you love Mumbai; I don’t so the locations too did not interest me that much. The best part of the killing is the usage of “yellow scarf” to strangle; why not red or blue, why yellow was my first doubt rather than who is it? I was also amused by the way they explained technologies used at Private India, the agency – full on CID feel I got. Character of Nisha reminded me of that curly hair chick in CID – Dr. Tharika (khikhikhi) on whom Abhijeet is head over heels.

This thriller is very simple, a lazy weekend read over a cup of hot coffee. Not to be picked for travelling or other important time killing purpose read.

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26 Aug 2014

Letter 10

Mudhu Gundu and Puttu Kandha

This letter comes on time. Not because I am free and have no work, because a delay of 24hours and I wonder what milestones you guys achieve. I don’t want to mix things.

Technically this is that phase which all the uncles/auntie keeps talking about– tamma kaal mele taave ninthkobeku. Well literally you guys are doing that now and my heart skips a beat every time wondering what if you fall down. It will take some time to understand that falling is ok, and what really matters is how you manage to get up (too much for this age I know, but beleyuva pairu molakeyalli)

This one of Missy -- http://instagram.com/p/sJUL2Tnjqk/

I never worried about the delay in your first tooth, then itchy gums and teether/soothers hardly helped. You managed to sneak your fingers in, and I quit making an effort to stop that. But Grandpa makes sure your hands are washed often. Like Rekha Das who washes mukyamantri Chandrus feet in that movie, Shelly has the maid running behind him with bowl and water. Missy hardly cares about all this discipline nonsense.

Shelly baby you have two teeth in upper jaw sporting out and Missy beta you have two in lower jaw, all shaped up to pop up.

Missy loves to clap and Shelly Shake hands. Shelly is a listener and Missy a rebel.

The best scene of this month is both of you watching some random uncle eating prasada at Banshankri temple and shouting at him to give you the plate ���� ,  I'm sure he won't forget you both ��

And finally this one for this month [there is a pic that your naani wanted to click as mandatory, :-) ]

12 Aug 2014

Sandalwood Shettru mattu Samachara

Tuglak ge irlilla luck. Simple-aag ondh love story success simple aag irlilla. Ulidavaru kandante na yellaru tam tam version nalli kandaru, kelavaru yay andru kelavaru moogu muridaru. But adene aagli, nam Udupi Shettru Sandalwood ge lagge itirodantu nija, monne taane Switzerland inda Bhatru sets nalli shooting mugskondu banda Rakshit Shetty, ondu bindaas interview kotru.

K: Sandalwood says instead of “Ulidavara Kandanthe” you should have named it “Shettru Kandanthe”, nimma abhipraaya?

Hero: Ha ha. Who says that? Well I never planned it that way. In fact when I realized that there were too many Shetty's on board, I consciously tried not to take anymore, but again wouldn't that be wrong? Rishab was there with me since my Tuglak days. He was the only one who stood by me when Tuglak failed. We have been best friends ever since. So he was already on board even before I penned Ulidavaru Kandante. He helped me with Kunda Kannada while translating the English script to Kannada and hence he was a part of the Direction team as well. 
Yajna and Sheetal were not the first ones I reached out to for their respective roles. I had approached many other artists for those roles but it dint workout for multiple reasons. During our Pre Production in Udupi, while we were desperately searching for both the female leads, a local channel played a pirated copy of Yeddelu Manjunatha and then it struck us. It couldn't have been better we thought and tried contacting Yajna who was more than happy to play Kishore Sir's love interest and hence we pulled her in. But we couldn't find anyone who could play Regina until we actually started shooting. I had planned to shoot Regina's portion in the end. I was looking for someone who fits in to the character and could also speak Kannada perfectly because we were shooting with Sync Sound. 
One day after shoot, when we reached our apartment, we happened to switch on the TV and there she was, reading her daily bulletin on TV9. That was the first time I saw Sheetal and I din't even know she was a Shetty. When I called Suni, he told me that she was a Shetty as well. You see it was fate. Suni approached her the next day along with the script and she came on board as well. Rest of the star cast went through audition before getting selected, including our own Democracy, Suhan Shetty :-P 

K: If SOLS wouldn’t have been a hit, would you still go ahead and make “Ulidavaru Kandanthe”, if yes how and if no why?

Hero: I had written Ulidavaru Kandante even before I got an offer for SOLS. I was in search of a producer when Suni approached me for SOLS and it was a script which I couldn't say no to. So I thought Ulidavaru Kandante can wait for a while. Success of SOLS gave me an opportunity to make Ulidavaru Kandante at the right time with the right budget. If SOLS had failed at the box office, then may be my search for a producer would have continued unless I came across another script which excited me as an actor. If not, I would have followed Pawan's path of crowdsourcing funds  to make Ulidavaru Kandante within a smaller budget. I had done that earlier for two of my short films. I knew actors and Technicians who would work for free. I knew studios who would back me up too like they did for one of my short film. I knew a lot of them who believed in me. So I wanted money only for the production which I would collect from people. But then the movie would definitely not look like the way it looks now. 

K: Techie, Actor, Director, Audience – arrange in ascending order of your preferred roles in life

Hero: Actor, Director, Audience, Techie.

K:  “Script different ide”, “I play a different character”, “The role is close to my heart” bittu how do you choose your movies? Or do they just happen? 

Hero: Firstly I should like the script and the character I play. Then the Director. Then the Production and then the team as in the Music Director, Cinematographer and other technitions. If these things are in place, I am game. I think it is as simple as that. I choose the best among what comes to me.

K: Next Directorial scripts ready ide anta gothaitu? At least the concept? Ondu line nalli jhalak please?

Hero: Its gonna be a pre independence fictional story surrounded by real incidents from history set in R. K. Narayan's fictional village Malgudi. Its gonna be about the thugs. Its gonna be shoot shoot bang bang. I call it 'Thugs of Malgudi' :-)

Answers yella Vastu-Prakaara ide, nimge ishta aagidre good else shoot madbekagute!!!

6 Aug 2014


If your first movie is a hit, people just expect in extremes from the director. The baseline of excellence is already set; you have to be in par with the first one, if not more. This is exactly what was on shoulders of Suni, when he announced Bahuparaak.

I often wondered, how a production house can make two movies simultaneously, and this part has done damage to both the flicks. For UK, the damage was in form of publicity, and for Bahuparaak in terms of Budget.
Yenappa bari negative heltidaale ankobedi, let me tell you what I expected and what I got; This is not a movie for entertainment purpose, it’s an vimarshathmaka movie. That gets you thinking about the kind of life each one of us is living, about birth life and death and everything that happens as part of it.

Manas, Mani and Mouni, three stages of Kitty’s life in the movie conveying each phase has its own merits and demerits, the colors used when Manas in on screen is vibrant, when Mani is on screen the aspects are violent (actually not so) and Mouni is a revolutionary (this the best aspect of the movie). The moment these characters were introduced it was easy guessing that they are same people and the events are linked.

For me Kitty as Manas for very artificial, Kitty has over done his part and actress has nothing much to offer in the role at all. She has done justice to whatever small leverage existed. Mani part was fine, but stretched beyond compare; this was the dragging part for me. Then I realized that the drag was not the story but the music, BJ Bharath was not able to hold me or the audience hooked to seats with background score.

The most positive part of the movie and that makes you agree Kitty is indeed hero material is Mouni. The lingo, the cinematography, the locations and the lady who plays his wife are uber awesome. I was totally mesmerized whenever Mouni was on screen, sheer brilliance this part but unfortunately the bits are too low.

The audiences for this movie were same as from the SOLS, that is the unlucky part for Suni. This age group that falls under Manas category will not understand Mani or the Mouni part, they need colors and enthusiasm and fun and all that jazz. They also want foot tapping or eye closing type of music. And the music part from Mouni part was the only “yay” for me, baaki dull. Manohar Joshi has done excellent job, its visible in all the frames.

Dear Suni, it takes a lot of guts to make a swamake, agreed and as you say “prayogakke saavuntu prayatnakalla”, but nan request “marali prayogava prayatna maadi because sotirodu kathe, movie alla and most importantly neevalla”.