22 Jul 2014

Simple-aag ondh interview

Last year Sandalwood mandhi ge yadhwa tadhwa hope kotta nam Simple Suni, second directorial movie ee Friday release agtide. Srinagara Kitty abhinayada “Bahuparaak” super hopes ittu theatres ge lagge idtide… Nam director sahebru na hego catch haakond ondu small interview nimmelligoskara…

K: Suvin andrenu?

Suni: SUni…naanu.. VIjayalakshmi amma… Narasimhaiah namappa… Apparently SuViN.

K: SOLS ginta munche Suni yen madtidhru?

Suni: Direction before mathu eegalu yella reethiya kelasagalannu enjoy maaduttale iruttane. Medical rep, Insurance agent, loan recovery and most importantly Dinesh baboo ravra hattira Asst director aagi kelasa maaduttidde

K: Kittanna Shivanna adhmel inyaranna?

Suni: No plans at all

K: Niv yaak camera mundhe barbardu?

Suni: Off aadaga Camera mundhene admiring. .on iddaga camera alli kaanisodna camera hinde ninthu nododhu chendha

K: Foreign location item songs bagge nim anisike

Suni: Katege agthyaviddare nude scenes kooda kalaatmakavaagiruutte. ..extra annisidare tajmahal kooda ..gori yaagibidutte

K: Suni innu single aa? Athva hrudayada aragini idaala?

Suni: Obbru vishesha gunavulla ..sarala soundaryvathi iddare ..gowdru hudugi ..but hesaru helangilla

Interview “Manamohaka”-vaagita? Sari mathe “Bahuparaak” anbidi!!!

7 Jul 2014

No country for flawed women

In the recent trip all I could hear was "how I cannot do things", "how impossible it will be" going visually, that is too much weight. I wondered how much people are judged on flaws (something out of control) like height weight complexion. I'm sure no one wanted to be fat or short or dark or having too much acne. Or even if they are with flaws, they are happy but the world isn't People have problems and some are out of their control. How difficult is to accept that? Rather than saying "hey you have no stamina so why don’t you stay out of the game". At times like this I want to shout “No ass I have the stamina in the mind and the body will obey”, but won’t. Because how can a guy understand the amount of pain enduring a baby, well in my case babies?
No it is not possible to be in pre-pregnancy shape, and I don’t even want that. I am happy with the stretch marks; for those marks tell me the number of times I have puked, number of times I was pricked, number of times I had mood swings and the number of times I felt I collapsed.
At least weight is not an issue, somehow can be shed, if not soon but slowly. But think about all the jokes short or dark people have to face. They can’t even do anything about it. Having fun is ok but judging is not. When Neetu in big boss 2 spoke about her issue, I actually got 5 messages saying they could hear me out in her words.
My weight doesn’t stop me from dancing or running or anything that a normal person can do. I have that zeal towards life. I want lose weight, yes; because I want to be healthier and certainly not because someone is judging me or is not happy by my looks. I have learnt to laugh, sometimes stare and most of times a harsh reply to all the mockers but always wonder how it must be for people who cannot give back on the jokes, how bad it must be for their confidence. It’s true. This is “No country for flawed women”.

3 Jul 2014

Letter Eight

Hola Babies,
I know this letter arrives a little (well actually very) late. No, you both are not to be blamed about this. Amma is doing too much masti and new assignment this month which is exactly why she is late. While we are at it, I want to tell you both that “masti is good”, but then do let either amma or appa know about it; till you are 18. & later too please tell amma (psstttt appa is reading this)
I see both of you in the night, wetting your diaper just once off late, for which nani says “they are growing up”. OK that line actually scares the shit out of me. On a positive side, we don’t have to change diapers and disturb you often, so yeah good work on the bladder control. Continue to do so.
They are twins and they are different individuals, appa used to tell me. Now I can actually see that, Shelly my boy you like dose (yes always remember its dose and not dosa) my pretty girl Missy likes idly (Aunt Sam will have her way of making fun of amma’s idly and not idli) but both of you like it dipping in ghee. Shelly likes apple and Missy papaya.
Btw the womb hair is just for this month ha! Next month both of you will be taklu bacchas. I have an idea about how you Shelly would look coz you were Taks :P and I have no idea how papa’s princess would look. If given an option I would get this done after your birthday but apparently it’s now or after 2 years. So on your birthday you both will be porcupine type haired (blame it on appa).
And this pic of both of you is my favorite this month. Because you are on your own!!!

19 Jun 2014

Storm. It's ahead.

I always cribbed about “not able to use my creativity” in the current job. I mean the most creativity for a techie is on the cubicle board and in my case the hosting of events for office. With Shelly and Missy around, I am expecting my creativity to not just put to use but “drain out”

You may ask why? Here’s why

As of now, both of them need different ways to keep them entertained. The kind of entertainment boy likes, the girl hates. The ones she likes, Shelly dozes off. It’s not gender thing, but every baby gets amused differently. So finding out “that reason” and keeping them happy is a catch!!!

Let’s fast forward few years when the babies err kids start schooling. Considering contests, I mean competitions like “Fancy Dress”, “story Telling”, “Project work” it will be twice the amount of creative thinking at the same time. Obviously both of them will want to participate and I cannot deny them (please don’t get me started with oh the father cannot handle this aspect). You might say this would be same if there were two kids, but swalpa use your brains; no not the same, Missy will be competing against Shelly, and Shelly against Missy. Can you imagine what tension this is for the mother? Can you?

When there are things that involve “gender” I am somewhat saved, otherwise this is too much to handle. With so much anticipation on the creative front, I really didn’t want to be stressed on whose underwear is this and whom did I make it wear. No, that is the last thing on my plate right now. Ufff

Anyways, while I prepare myself to the battle, yaradru babysit maadrappa.


26 May 2014

Letter Seven.

 Voila Bonds,

Winter passed. So did summer. It's almost rainy season and both of you are raining "cuddle me like now yells". I have shown you both how to be warm to the cold hearted And to be cool to the pissed souls, last two seasons. Mom will also teach you to look out for shelter during a heavy downpour and most importantly to get drenched coming few months.

Most awaited ear piercing completed and look at you two, awwwmax. 

From your first long drive together and boy-o-boy how much naTakas you both did. Phew. Amma lost her patience, granny lost 2kgs and appa his hair in this process. & yeah you held hands :')

This one is from the trip to "mane devaru", look how proud your ajja and ajji are. This is supposed to be officially your first trip outside, but Amma is a rebel when it is about stupid illogical customs. You both too be rebel, when someone offers you crap logic and theories. Always do what is right, but make sure your "right" does not wrong anyone. 

ION everyone are saying ki acche din aanewaale hai, but actually monsoon aanewaala hai, so brace yourself for all the thunder lightning and be very brave. 

Finally, eat your ragi and akki ganji, coz I ain't getting any cerelac for you both. Also love apple, not because it keeps doctors away but coz it's available in all seasons.