5 May 2018

The curious case of ‘shelldom’

You thought I was referring to Sheldon from TBBT and did a typo? Nah! I actually meant ‘shelldom’; there isn’t a word yet, I just framed it. 

Shelldom: noun The state of going into one’s shell. 
”If you ask him a lot of questions, he embraces shelldom“

For all these years I had no clue what it means to get into one’s shell. Of course I had a lot of friends who primarily were introverts, but I hadn’t experienced this state whilst at college or work. There are a lot of theories surrounding shelldom, but today I want to share what it feels when you are BFF with folks who believe or rather find solace in shelldom. 

When you meet them, you wouldn’t know. 
When you hang around with them, you wouldn’t know. 
When you cross that line is when you’ll know. It has been a huge concern to me off late; because I am left clueless when it happens. They are not responsive (my panic begins) they avoid every part of communication (my panic rises) and when there is almost no information about them (anxiety attacks happen) It starts with, am I the cause of concern, to how do I even help them; it is never about fixing them but about fixing the situation. No communication is the worst thing to happen to the mankind and especially for an extrovert, fiery arian (read me)

I’ve realised that is how creative people work; I am glad they do but when it is smeared with a layer of ‘there is an issue’ is when I find it extremely difficult to cope up with shelldom. Folks who follow shelldom never make you feel they are introverts, or their behaviour of extrovertism is played extremely well. They make believe them and how; so when the reality hits, it breaks the dreamy wall pretty hard. 

Their pre-phase of entering shelldom will be hard too, you will have to take sarcasm, blunt words and the most famous line ‘I was like this all the time, just that you did not know about it’. And when they arrive out of that phase, you’ve got to be normal, act normal and not dare talk about it, at all. I am going through this phase of someone dear to me embracing shelldom; I’am left clueless and while I am that, I chose to write. Because writing is my way of communicating, telling the person and the world how it is to be around them. 

Do you think consistent and continuous one-on-one’s with shelldom will make me follow it too? Or should I just go by, this too shall pass?

12 Apr 2018

A year at Paramvah Studios

Milestone posts are a thing these days. One year of that and five years of this; it amazes me that each year, people involved will have something new to share about the project. Isn’t that the milestone on its own? You wanting to tell the premise of the story, which is bigger than the story itself. Not in the wildest of my dreams did I think, I will be part of KFI; my father didn’t like me watching movies and my mom used to hide Friday newspapers. The guy I dated for six years was hell bent on entering the movie industry in ways other than acting and back then I used to feel it damn funny. I wondered why would anyone who is doing so well in life, financially want to change route to pursue movies. He was not even sure about what he wanted back then, but movies used to be 90% of our conversations. 

Did I ever feature myself being part of movies, choosing it as a career? Nope. While at it, I owe everything that I have today to one platform, twitter; my life took an amazing change because of twitter. I met amazing people and one among that is Rakshit. Initially it was just a fan interacting with an aspiring actor in KFI, he used to like my movie reviews and I used to love his way of treating people. I did not believe in stardom, crazy fans but I often found myself vouching for the boy; there hasn’t been a single birthday ever since I know him where my flowers haven’t reached him nor have I ever missed an opportunity to let him know what an amazing person he is. Two years to that and I found myself slowly handling his other fans via socials. 

Then something even more extraordinary happened; Rakshit started Godhi Banna and I met Hemanth Rao. Hemanth has been my pillar of support, ever since we’ve known each other. I obviously cannot write how and why, coz it could be the most trivial rant or the biggest blunder, this boy is always around to hear me out and most importantly give me a brand new perspective to the situation. Our first phone conversation went on for 3hours and I still do not have any clue about what was the take away from it. 

This post finds its way in the blog after a long time; because I complete a year working at Paramvah Studios today. I have an identity and I am very happy to have got to this stage, operating from tier 2 city and handling a lot of things without much of a travel. If you truly wish to do something, you somehow make sure it happens; location or distance doesn’t really matter and with people like Rakshit and Hemanth by my side, I wish to go a long way; with them :-) The best part of these guys and my team is that I have never been questioned on my productivity, the trust they have on me is exceptional. Special mention to Chan, my buddy and saviour and the connect at work. 

Signing off with my fav line “maaDalu kelasa nooraride saaguva daari doora” 

23 Oct 2016

Movie Review: Rama Rama Re

Please.. Banrappa theater-ge…

Enjoy their extraordinary journey and experience an emotional ride by travelling to the theaters now!

Janana, Marana – The philosophy behind the Birth and Death explained in an emotional journey polished with right humour, that’s the movie in nutshell. The way Satyaprakash has narrated this simple concept is beyond words; I agree with the lag in the first half but the second half makes you forget that bit. The characters and the actors have given everything to make it look real and the haunting background score, is out of the world. Also many plots tangled as a single plot kinda movies are doing well?! 

The treatment given to the feel of Movie is fab, visually amazing experience illa andaga story is very important which is the strong point of the movie. Preparing for the role has been mastered by Sandalwood And Dharma, what an amazing find to the industry. KeLi Prekshakare...suthradaari-ya kelasakke neevu paathradaarigalagi please banrappa theater-ge!

Three years to make a two hours movie – imagine the amount of precision that has gone in the making? I am sure that the film will bag many awards, but what such movies deserve is your ticket in the theater – so that more people make that effort to showcase stories that aren’t in the ‘maLe-macchu-hucchu-remake’ genres, please banrappa theater-ge!

The best takeaway for me is that it makes you think & visualize about the movie even after it has ended, through my journey back home and at home, making me write a movie review after ages to tell please banrappa theater-ge!

Sadaa ugiyo critics’ bhesh andidhaithu, hogoloru manaspoorvakavaagi mecchidhu aytu – innu prekshakare nimma saradi – please banrappa theater-ge!

29 Oct 2015

Hari ge Prriya nam Shruthi

It was supposed to be ten minutes interview, but the conversation went on for an hour. Hariprriya is extremely down to earth, does not flaunt her stardom, and talks non-stop. Many a times both of us deviated from the question and had to re-collect the instance that triggered the topic.

Below are the chit-chat details

C: Shruthi to Hariprriyahege? (There is an extra letter ‘r’)  The change of name!

HP: When I did a tulu movie Badi, the director gave me some inferences that how many actresses have changed name and have gained positivity from it. Who gets to choose one’s own name? I was ok with the idea and the team came up with so many names from the letter “H”. Finally, I chose “Hariprriya”, because it means Lakshmi, who is ‘harigepriyavaadavalu’ and our family deity is Venkateshwara i.e. Hari.

C: Initial Kannada projects doomed, but the Tamil/Telugu movies did quite well, so was it tough to say yes to Kannada again.

HP:I entered the industry without a god-father. Those movies doomed yes, but my performance as in my acting skills was appreciated. That matters to me and yeah, initially I wasn’t very serious about this career path. But once I chose it as my profession, I have taken utmost care in choosing each and every role. I am also glad that whatever be the choices or decisions, I have learnt it through mistakes. I have made them so the positive impact for the rest of the years will be good.

C: Abbayi class Ammayi Mass v/s Neer Dose. How similar, how difficult?

HP: Very different in fact. ACAM was tailor made for Telugu audience, it is more on emotions and how will it be when a sex worker falls in love. My appearance is more towards glamorous, gaudy, loud type. In Neer Dose, my character is classy. The profession is same in both movies, but this one is on relationships. You will have to wait and watch to know more.

C: Why Neer Dose? It appears to be a jinxed project, yet.

HP: Many reasons actually,
  1. I admire Ramya and I always wanted to see how she has portrayed the character. But when the project stalled, I was disappointed.   
  2. The fact that the director has not lost hopes on his project for two years – it should be a very strong subject.  
  3. Director approached  me and told me his reason of choosing me, that it is because he considers me as a versatile actress. That means a lot. 
  4. They say I fit well as traditional, innocent girl, but this was a challenge. Doing a complete opposite of my reel image – I was game. 
  5. Finally, I wanted to do what no one has done in the Sandalwood industry instead of following the trend. My mom and my friends all of them told me, I should take it up.   My dad was a huge fan of Jaggesh, I am sure if he was around, he would be so happy to see me act with him.

C: We’ve heard you lost weight for Ricky, how close is the movie to you?

HP: I’ve given my heart, soul, weight and blood to the character. HaHa it is that close. The part where I play a naxal could never be healthy. I mean, they hardly get any food in the forest, also no parlor work in that schedule (grins). I followed strict diet, jogged after the shoot with the crew. I had cuts and bruises during the shoot but yes all worth because the movie looks amazing and I am very positive people will adore it.

C: Projects lined up?

HP: You know NeerDose, apart from that I am doing ModalanemaLe and Rajadhani 2, One Tamil movie "Varayo Vennilave"is ready for release.

We wish Hariprriya a great year ahead, cannot wait to savor Neer Dose ;- )

31 Aug 2015

Retired, but not tired.

The farewells I know usually end with a "last day at <<<organization>>> email". But retirement is a phenomenon, mixed emotions, apprehensions in seldom but a lot of memories. 

Two days back dad asked me to edit an article; during the editing process I realized that it was his speech, for the farewell ceremony planned by his friends on the eve of his retirement from the Karnataka State Police. None of the family members knew about this event and it has always been that way; dad never speaks about his work at home. We (mom, sister and I) have never been part of any functions, ceremonies or parties involving the police department.

Not because he didn’t mix work with family but he always told us not to waste productive time. He is a hard-working person and Mysoreans who know him will agree with me. But there were a lot of things I didn’t know and reading through the 5 pages of speech he had written made me very emotional. I never knew that fortune brought him to the police department nor did I know that his always wanted to be a lecturer.  

All through my life, I only know dad as a workaholic person, hardly took leave, went to work on festivals, was hardly at home and never went on any vacation. He wrote in his speech that he loved his profession to such an extent that it gave him peace of mind.

Speech had many names he was thankful for; since last two days every half an hour the names in the increased; he didn’t want to miss appreciating anyone for their support. We had a photo session with him in his Police uniform on Saturday, I am sure mom will cherish the joy of adding a star to his flap after his first promotion and her tricks of removing dust from the white uniform.

The invitation says a lot and as for me, I will forever cherish this Royal Enfield and my rides with dad.