29 Oct 2014

Letter 12

From kissing you both for the first time, and feeling my lips touched cotton balls to teaching you both how to kiss, 365 days have been survived. Lived less survived more – let me be very honest. You both were expected to walk by now, but haven’t. You both were expected to speak “two to three words” by now, Shelly has, but Missy hasn’t.
I have to tell you both a life changing mantra, people tend to compare, that is their birth right, and they will compare everything – under wears to foot wears. The only thing they cannot compare would probably be your life partners!!! There will be temptation to slap people at times, for all the shit they speak, but trust me don’t – instead use the shawl method. Sarcasm is something I want you both to be punters with such people.
Missy has her way of saying NO to food, once she is full. But Shelly doesn’t, and he is like JOEY, never shares his food. As long as you both are not fussy, I am happy with your habits. The testing time starts now; a year is when every kind of food is allowed and I am not sure how it will be taken. Me and appa love experimenting with food during our travel, if you can’t just don’t be fussy that’s all.
I want you both to start nursery now but your father is not agreeing; let them play he says. I want you guys to start playing with kids – of your own age. You have each other but you should have friends too.
However no matter what – 
ಮನೆಯೇ ಮೊದಲ ಪಾಠಶಾಲೆ 
ತಾಯಿಯೇ ಮೊದಲ ಗುರು 
ಟ್ವಿನ್ ಸಿಬ್ಲಿನ್ಗೇ ಮೊದಲ ಬೆಸ್ಟ್ ಫ್ರೇಂಡ್
I don’t know what is in store for all of us the coming year, but I know one thing for sure, come what may amma will always take it in right spirits and will make sure you both will do so too.
If you’d ask me how the year has been below is my answer

About the Big Day – Bonds Birthday

Energy spent in having you two in the tummy, delivering and bringing you both up together for 365 days <<< Energy spent in organizing the first birthday party. While I type this, my left arm aches, all thanks to having kumara kanteerava in my arms whole time at the party.
I learnt one most important thing in this event – when you are making the list of invitees, jolt down people who satisfy this criteria 
1.       Who would come no matter what, and if they cannot apologize when you invite them upfront.
2.       Who would not just attend but stay back for the event to begin/end!
3.       Who would wait for the crowd to lessen and then ask for a click; unlike the ones where you have to invite persuade them to have a photo with you!
4.       Most importantly, who would be OK if you invite them over phone!
In case your friends do not meet any of the criteria – you need to revamp your friends’ settings in life. Do that before it’s too late.
All the stuff me and appa did (pre-event), I have tried to capture them on the FB events page for memories; I am not sure of FB would exist by the time your kids have questions but if there would be close down, I’d make sure these are saved somewhere else too.
I have two lovely memories of the event –
·         Both of you saw the crowd and started to cry, I lighted the candle, there was happy birthday music and cake feeding time – Bingo, so happy eating the cake. Not settling for less, both of you wanted an entire piece of cake – not just from one person but from everyone who fed. Didn’t care about the crowd, or the balloons or the gifts but cake, yes!!!
·         Tired Missy slept on appa’s shoulders while we still on stage and Shelly, you were waking her up by touching her eyes; Ha, how cute was that
& lovely bacchas, it rained the moment you were born last year, this year too it rained. Blessing, it’s a blessing.
Thanks for the click Sangeetha Shreekar

Thanks for this Vidu

Happy Birthday Bonds – Have a lovely life ahead

20 Oct 2014

Letter Eleven

This post is very late; plus I'm very busy with the birthday plans. But, but - babies this pic speaks volumes of my emotions right now.

I thought it is very difficult for you both staying together in my womb (space constraint and all that) but nature does it all. It is us, with issues. We learn nonsense. We choose not to adjust. It is we who come up with "independent" concept and ruin it all for lovely "relationships"

I can't say all this won't hit you, it will. I will only pray at the end of day you both will always get back to each other, let one of you make that effort to resolve every fight and dispute and let there be bonding - like that in the womb. 

26 Sep 2014

The Name Game


Soul Of A Star

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“When was the last time you saw Julie” asked the Senior Inspector Kabir Sawant.

Its Roohi sir not Julie” explained Shekhar while the Senior Inspector looked confused.

“Who is Roohi?”

“That’s my daughter sir”

“Then who is Tara”, Senior Inspector Kabir Sawant was now scratching his head.

“My wife sir, Tara is my wife and Roohi is my daughter; both of them missing”

Senior Inspector Kabir Sawant completed taking the details of both mother Tara and her 9 year old daughter Roohi. The descriptions - their complexion, height, weight, what was the dressing they were in last, who saw them the last time, the messages, the FIR was very big for the Senior Inspector KabirSawant to understand and digest.

“I need some tea”, Senior Inspector Kabir Sawant took a break.

Senior Inspector spoke with his colleagues “I need to interrogate this guy first, Mathur

Mathur nahi its Shekhar sir” said the subordinates

Senior Inspector Kabir Sawant was an eminent police officer. He was young, energetic and rose to the senior cadre after solving a drug mafia within a span of 5 days. The drugs taken to custody were huge and that is when Inspector Kabir Sawant became Senior Inspector Kabir Sawant. He was very accurate with his doubts; he always went by his instincts than the clues. “Clues always deviate from the crime scene”, he felt and rest of the people in the department argued. But his success rate was such that no one could question his instincts. But there was one issue; the guy couldn’t remember names.

Takoorji so I was saying”

“Its Shekhar sir”, Shekhar sounded annoyed.

“I am sorry, Shekar ji how good was your relationship with your wife?, You are married for how many years now?”, KabirSawant questioned Shekhar.

Shekhar was devastated so much that he could hardly talk. While he was still coming in terms with Tara’s missing and trying to deal with this, apple of his eyes Roohi goes missing. He didn’t know what to do. Jennifer was with him, trying to console him.

“Who is she by the way”, Inspector asked about Jennifer.

“She is Jennifer, Tara’s close friend”, Shekhar informed.

Senior Inspector Kabir Sawant went on to investigate “Jennifer” and her relations with Tara. Jennifer explained how close they were; from the wedding to the photo shoots and to Roohi’s birth, she told that it was her who Tara also confided to, be it happiness or sorrows.

“How close are you both Takoor err Shekhar and Jennifer?”,Kabir Sawant had a wicked grin, only he’d recognize. His subordinates thought that the grin was because he got her complicated name right for the first time; but Kabir Sawant had something else in his mind.

“Hello Mr.Aryan Ahuja, I am Senior Inspector Kabir Sawant interrogating missing case of Tara and her daughter, your neighbors. I am sure you are aware of this..”

Ahuja shook hands with the officer and interrupted him “Yes sir I am aware of the entire episode. How does it look now and what help can I be for you?”

“Can you tell us if there was anything unusual happening at thePatta Household?”

Mr.Aryan looked confused.

Datta household I mean”

“I will come to the point sir as I have a meeting to attend in few minutes, as far as I know them, they are very happy couple and have been awesome in bringing up Roohi; she is a lovely child. But off late I heard my house staff gossip that there were tiffs between the couple on how successful Tara is, I think the usual male ego. There was a big fight once between the couple onMr.Shekhar suspecting Tara about having an extra marital affair with VP or some head of her company. But if you’s ask me I don’t think Mr.Shekhar would do anything to his wife; because of all the times I have met him, he only has positive things to talk about his family life”

Senior Inspector Kabir Sawant took leave. On his way back his mind did way too many calculations and way too many permutations. 

There was something missing, his instincts were at work but this time there were no clues. Only cryptic relationships; a family and a hot photographer!!!

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17 Sep 2014

Chapter 6 - Of Faded Realities and Daring Dreams


Soul of a Star

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Chapter 6 - Of Faded Realities and Daring Dreams

“We are not having any more discussion on this”, Shekhar snapped at Tara.

Shekhar wanted the wedding to be low profile, but would that be possible questioned Tara, considering she was the talk of the town. Her marriage would be high rate TRP material forthe media; so why would they let them settle their affair to a hush one? This was the reason Tara wanted a wedding which could show to the world how much she loved Shekhar…like an open declaration

Shekhar was adamant. Registered marriage it was; Tara was head over heels in love with this journalist that she would nod to every argument, however in haste. 

What has he done to her, she wondered. There are people who would say “yes” to anything she asks, her needs would be their command, and her “No” would be an order. 

But there she was, “holding a pen” instead of a garland, signing her name on the “Indian Special Marriage Act”.. But it didn’t matter, she loved him. She knew the effort it took her to get him as a life partner. He was tough from the outside but so fragile, wanting to be cared for or else he would shatter to pieces...

“You seemed lost during the vows exchange”, nudged Jeans; Tara’s “only” known witness. Other two were more strangers than witnesses. 

Court needs witnesses and thou shall be provided was the rule and everyone followed the same; so did Shekhar and Tara, she knew so many people but wasn’t allowed to invite; he knew none and hence did not need any invitations to be printed.

Tara had three wardrobes of garments, but her choice was what Shekhar had once liked; it was one of their dates and Shekhar had set his eyes on the magazine that lay on the table. 

"Look at this sari, subtle yet classy. You would look great in this”. 

She had ordered the same piece from the advertisement. They told her that was the only piece and they were out of stock; she got it custom made, sari would stay the same only the blouse will be studded with zardosi kundan work. 

She chose this as her wedding outfit while Shekhar wore a white and white kurta, hair neatly combed and a HMT formal watch.

“My gift is a wish; my wishes always come true; you guys should have a child like Cyrus, oh lord such a brat”, Jeans ran behind her naughty 10 yrs old nephew. 

Jennifer’s elder sister was very possessive and protective of her son Cyrus. The boy was never allowed on school picnics or vacations, “This is the first time she sent him out, I am starting to wonder what I did to get this Brownie point”, Jeans hugged Cyrus, and planted wet kisses all over the boy’s face affectionately.

Cyrus repeated what everyone spoke; Tara was irked by the little boy’s attitude. 

“Do not repeat what others say beta”, she told him in a soft tone.

“Do not repeat what others say,beta”, giggled Cyrus.

Tara gave him a stare; Shekhar took the boy away in pretext of getting him chocolates as if anticipating Tara’s anger.

“Thanks uncle, you are very good unlike aunty”, Cyrus had smeared chocolate on to his shirt.

“You are a naughty child”, Shekhar tried cleaning the stains “Is that why your mom doesn’t let you out?”

“I am not sure uncle. She is like that only. From too old time. Once, I pushed my friend inside water well, means tried, I failed. From that time she is doing like this”, Boy licked his lips and the chocolate traces weren’t visible at all. 

Shekhar looked shocked, Jeans laughed loud and Tara couldn’t believe what she just heard.


As days passed, the newly married couple faced too many compatibility issues. The whole debate of “love marriage” vs “arranged marriage” is bogus. All that counts before the 3 knots or the vows; once  married all lives are same. One wouldn’t like the toothpaste to be pushed from the middle instead neatly used pressing the end of the tube, while the other would totally be mad about the cleanliness. One’s obsession will often look like madness to the other, but no one understands that marrying ins itself a madness; a pleasurable one though however.

Shekhar was earning well, not in terms of Tara; but his salary ran the Dutta household pretty neat. But it was Tara’s shopping that irked him at times, he obliged saying it was her money that she was spending, which was OK and they still hadn’t planned for a family (yet).

Once a charmer, Shekhar had now become a grumpy person, who picked fights with Tara on trifle issues. Not that they did not spend happy times together, but with the pressures of life and the practicalities to cater to, those days were so few in number that one could easily mark them on the calendar.

Dressed in a Chiffon sareesari and halter neck blouse, she wore his favorite “pearl necklace”, she waited for Shekhar, and they had to talk. They had sex that night, but they did not make love.For the first time it was all lust. The crumpled sareesari and the blouse lying on the floor told the story..Today the bodies met to satisfy the physical need and maybe not the emotional one but it didn’t matter to Tara. Sex with Shekhar was magical just like every time. He forgot to use condoms and she did not remind him as she usually did. He didn’t kiss her good night yet she dozed.

If only they knew what they were dreaming about?


“I need a baby”, Shekhar told her one night.

“We cannot Shakes,Your alcohol habits have been high off late. Tell me sweetheart, What is haunting you that have resorted to alcohol?” she demanded.

“Never mind” Shekhar got up from the bed; “If you had paid attention you’d know”

This struck Tara; her emotions took her to her past, on how she was neglected all through her childhood and the step motherly treatment she underwent.

“You mean, this is about me?” she had to get an answer.

“No, your time; this is all about your time that is not available to me”

Tara didn’t know what she should do. The feeling of being treated as a normal individual was very refreshing initially and she saw lust in the eyes of others, Shekhar`s were different. She did not want to lose out, should I start a family? She asked herself.

Shekhar had failed as a writer; the big dreams he harboured regarding his career had crashed because he refused to accept criticism  from publishing houses. Even the talks with two ace Bollywood producers had been in vain because of the movies being shelved.


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Chapter 7 Shattered Glasses

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8 Sep 2014

Private India by James Patterson and Ashwin Sanghi

About the Book:-

When a series of seemingly unconnected murders rock the city of Mumbai with the macabre rituals and artefacts found around the corpses, Private India, a leading investigation agency takes the case. Santosh Wagh, the head of the organization, has only one mission. He needs to stop the killers before they strike again. However, in a city of over 13 million people, he finds that the clock is ticking too fast. He finds himself pitted against underworld dons and a Godman who isn't what he seems. However, the worst is yet to come and Private India itself may be threatened with a revelation that could destroy the entire organization.

My View:

The only reading I have been doing since last 10 months is “this week your baby” sorts, sometimes “how to make sure the dad takes equal care of the babies” articles. Being a fan of James Patterson and his women murder club series, I never hesitated to be part of review program (yeah that’s right, I cannot go out shopping books with Shelly and Missy around)


The plot is engaging, gripping – true but it also gets boring at times. I am so bored of these authors including current affairs just to fill in pages; if it’s Mumbai then terrorism and if it’s Delhi the Nirbhaya episode. This is fine if it’s needed as part of storytelling otherwise it just bores the crap. I am certainly not a grammar nazi but this one is very funny, few places I had to re-read because I hardly understood what was being said. I also felt that there was sex, because it was needed for the sales.


This will make you dance, like any other crime thriller. Nothing like any shocking/surprising discovery in this plot to me; thrillers according to me should not let the reader blink an eye, assuming when you miss a hint, a clue or when there is something important mentioned and that is disappeared. This one makes you blink eyes, way too much, with thoughts “Is this even James featuring in this?” Oh I should not miss talking about the dots that I often was unable to connect, that I had to go back and read the same to make the connection. You cannot keep the book down but that is because you don’t want to stop the thriller mid-way.

This one is surely a feast if you love Mumbai; I don’t so the locations too did not interest me that much. The best part of the killing is the usage of “yellow scarf” to strangle; why not red or blue, why yellow was my first doubt rather than who is it? I was also amused by the way they explained technologies used at Private India, the agency – full on CID feel I got. Character of Nisha reminded me of that curly hair chick in CID – Dr. Tharika (khikhikhi) on whom Abhijeet is head over heels.


Not sure if my choices after being a mom have changed, but person who enjoys any sort of thriller (the crappy ones too) did not like this. James ji, wrong choice of entering Indian market; one more book like this and I am sure many of your loyal fans will lose interest over women murder club series books also. I often wonder how a book when co-authored changes the entire perspective when the same book written by a single author. I am sure there will be disputes, irking situations and things like that which will make people take silly decisions to keep the contract intact thereby losing the plot.


This thriller is very simple, a lazy weekend read over a cup of hot coffee. Not to be picked for travelling or other important time killing purpose read.




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