29 Mar 2007

Whatta Day.....

Yesterday was a great day. I wanted to blog about it but I was way too excited about the whole matter that I couldn't. Its been just 3 months since I have started working. We have a monthly newsletter 'SPIVibes' at work & for this month's issue, I wrote few articles. Our CEO, Mr.Sid is here in Mysore for few days.

I wasn't at my desk around evening yesterday & by the time I was in, my colleagues told me that Sid had called & he needs to have a word with me. My reaction: "April is still a long way to go, guys please try some other trick". But once I read my emails I was sure that he had given me a call. I was tense coz I really had no clue about the reason he had called.

Taking courage, I called him on his extension but it was busy! My anxiety had to wait for some more time. Finally, I got the call from him again. It was dream come true. I was speaking with the CEO of my organisation. He asked me to meet him in his cabin at 10 am & said it's regarding my articles in the newsletter. I believe in doing things big and with his call am sure am somewhere very near to what I believe. I have a meeting today with him at 10 am.

Guys wish me luck. I dunno what's gonna happen but am sure I have got my best Bday gift already.


By the time I was home, I had one more surprise... Got a parcel from some wishing me a happy Bday. It's got a lovely card & great book on formula 1. I really have no clue who the sender is. If at all you are reading it, "Thanks for such a lovely card & book".

Just a few hours for my birthday!

24 Mar 2007

Day off for myself & our friendship

Its been lotza topics about TT. Now who is TT? Na Na, she doesn't play Table Tennis for heaven's sake. TT is tension Theju/Tesco Theju. My beshhhhht pal!!!

Pan used to tell me that after we start working, there will be very less time for friends; there will be very little time for each other; there be no time for fun. Life will surely be very dry. Like always, I argued, "na, it wont happen that way with us". But it happened that way & rather its still happening.

TT is here in Mysore since almost a week & I haven't met her at all. No one to be blamed for that.

On the brighter side, get together are so special these days. Earlier they used to be just another meeting & just another day spent with friends. But now, rather today the day was so special. Met TT @ her place like always. After a very long time I saw aunty talk to me well. Its my bday this Friday so had to do shopping! Today for a change we dint have gaadi, went in auto to DD road. Shopping together after a long time with TT, ahhhhh feels real good. Got few dresses, accessories & went to Fabcity. Friends meet & no ice cream? Will that happen? Baskin robbins relished!!

The endless talks, the endless laughs, the endless arguments are so very special & today I had all of them back. After the match last night, my excitement for B'day had totally shattered.Thanks to Theju I found my Form just like Sehwag did against Bermuda,& I am sure my form will start more tortures for the bowlers,errrrrrr I mean people around!

Cheers :)

20 Mar 2007

Mere haath mein

After SS left India I had been missing the callertune [CT] so very much that I decided I'll have it for my phone rather than missing it.

Its been quite a few days since that song has been my CT & am so fed up answering people as to for whom the song is?? The same evening I got this sms & thought I should give it a try as I had 96 free sms that evening [since work I have all free things unused]

SMS was :

"If you were given a chance to write a single line on my hand, what would that be"

Without even answering the sender, I forwarded this to all the numbers on my phone. Outcome went this way
Dummi: Loafer *confidante*
Jeej : Go wash your hands first *spotlessness*
Cousin 1 : Maklu kalli ha ha ha *lunatic*
Cousin 2: My autograph *trickster*
GGG: 12 days to go *comrade*
Udhas: It will be single line *chaotic*
SB: 1st sms - Single line, 2nd sms - it would be geometric single line, you want that to be a straight line or curved?, 3rd sms - Angry? *panic-stricken*
Even the person who sent this sms got my sms & his reply
SP: Guggu, first reply to me
Me : ###################### *encrypted*
SP : You are suppose to write about me & not about yourself *null and void*

Sanki: Kya fgr hai *lethargic*
AG: Please wash your hand!ah *unreasonable*
TT : No answer!!! *rational*

Dare Devil: Your name, so that whenever I hold your hand my hand gets the impression of your name *amorous*
Sis:[obssesd with inzy quitting] Asalamalekum..........thanks to allah he gave you hand else it would be tuff for me & amma *blithe*

Moral of the story : Giving Hand [Haath] is dangerous except if it was for mehndi

19 Mar 2007

IPeace Laptop Coach

He Only Takes the Best
God saw he was getting tired and So He put His arms around him and whispered, "Come with Me".
A golden heart stopped beating, hard-working hands put to rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us
He only takes the best....
Quoted : Nancy Rose Bouchard

It takes courage to head the team & Hatts off Bob, you took the risk & survived for 3 long years.
& sayonara to the potato person.
Rest in Peace

18 Mar 2007


Have you seen the recent Yatra.com ad on the TV? It goes something like this...

Yatra.com page is already displayed on the monitor but a hand types www.yatra.com at the address bar again to access it.

Now does that mean accessing it is so easy*sarcasm rocks*? Or did the guy who made the AD didn’t give a thought???

Mad it is no wonder

Virus Victims

Idle mind is devil's workshop; so true in my case!! Few days back I named my cellphone's Bluetooth name as "Virus infected" & the results were

Amma : [Trying to send me some pic] Hey virus virus...am not sending
DR : [Taking a theme from my phone] "Nenu beda nin themu beda, its fullllll of virus" :) (I am not interested in you nor your theme, It is full of virus)

More victims to follow....only hope TT isn't reading this before she is victimised coz she's my only inspiration when there is nothing to blog about!

17 Mar 2007

Weak Brain signals

P.S : Bad network had nothing to do with this conversation

TT : What did you do today??
Me : Eh, nothing. had been to movie "Traffic Signal"

TT : Oh you're driving is it? stuck @ the signal? I shall call ya later *disconnects*
Me : *shocked yet giggling*

Simply Superb Sardarji

Am sure most of us receive hell lots of sardar messages, mails & more

I must say I am one of the privileged to meet an intelligent Sardar. He had to give me few bucks, & he gave me the smaller part first. He had a reason behind that.

According to his trivia "Always take your smaller money first, coz ultimately the person who took money is going to round off the money & you'll be the looser"

If you lend 106/- , take 6/- first

Balle Balle!!!!