20 Mar 2007

Mere haath mein

After SS left India I had been missing the callertune [CT] so very much that I decided I'll have it for my phone rather than missing it.

Its been quite a few days since that song has been my CT & am so fed up answering people as to for whom the song is?? The same evening I got this sms & thought I should give it a try as I had 96 free sms that evening [since work I have all free things unused]

SMS was :

"If you were given a chance to write a single line on my hand, what would that be"

Without even answering the sender, I forwarded this to all the numbers on my phone. Outcome went this way
Dummi: Loafer *confidante*
Jeej : Go wash your hands first *spotlessness*
Cousin 1 : Maklu kalli ha ha ha *lunatic*
Cousin 2: My autograph *trickster*
GGG: 12 days to go *comrade*
Udhas: It will be single line *chaotic*
SB: 1st sms - Single line, 2nd sms - it would be geometric single line, you want that to be a straight line or curved?, 3rd sms - Angry? *panic-stricken*
Even the person who sent this sms got my sms & his reply
SP: Guggu, first reply to me
Me : ###################### *encrypted*
SP : You are suppose to write about me & not about yourself *null and void*

Sanki: Kya fgr hai *lethargic*
AG: Please wash your hand!ah *unreasonable*
TT : No answer!!! *rational*

Dare Devil: Your name, so that whenever I hold your hand my hand gets the impression of your name *amorous*
Sis:[obssesd with inzy quitting] Asalamalekum..........thanks to allah he gave you hand else it would be tuff for me & amma *blithe*

Moral of the story : Giving Hand [Haath] is dangerous except if it was for mehndi


Chamko said...

Blog is super.. and ur sis reply is awesome.. :-)