29 Mar 2007

Whatta Day.....

Yesterday was a great day. I wanted to blog about it but I was way too excited about the whole matter that I couldn't. Its been just 3 months since I have started working. We have a monthly newsletter 'SPIVibes' at work & for this month's issue, I wrote few articles. Our CEO, Mr.Sid is here in Mysore for few days.

I wasn't at my desk around evening yesterday & by the time I was in, my colleagues told me that Sid had called & he needs to have a word with me. My reaction: "April is still a long way to go, guys please try some other trick". But once I read my emails I was sure that he had given me a call. I was tense coz I really had no clue about the reason he had called.

Taking courage, I called him on his extension but it was busy! My anxiety had to wait for some more time. Finally, I got the call from him again. It was dream come true. I was speaking with the CEO of my organisation. He asked me to meet him in his cabin at 10 am & said it's regarding my articles in the newsletter. I believe in doing things big and with his call am sure am somewhere very near to what I believe. I have a meeting today with him at 10 am.

Guys wish me luck. I dunno what's gonna happen but am sure I have got my best Bday gift already.


By the time I was home, I had one more surprise... Got a parcel from some wishing me a happy Bday. It's got a lovely card & great book on formula 1. I really have no clue who the sender is. If at all you are reading it, "Thanks for such a lovely card & book".

Just a few hours for my birthday!


Unknown said...

Glad you liked em both !!
Happy B'day again..