14 Apr 2007

& Now for something completly different and exciting..

Literally born into the spotlight, she was the first baby to be born on Canada's 100th birthday, earning her the title of "The Centennial Baby." Her landmark birth was chronicled in the local newspaper and her parents, Barry and Carol, were awarded with cash prizes for her birth. Any guesses? *Wid her PIC displayed am sounding Dumb asking this question* Never mind, Shez Pamela Denise Anderson.Born in Ladysmith, British Columbia, on July 1, 1967. Few people are born with "Celeb" status. *Tsk Tsk*

Acc to recent sources Pammy feels "Dumb and proud". She loves her "Dumb Blonde" tag.The actress admits she loves the fact people think she's stupid - because it means she has nothing to live up to. She revealed: "That's the best part of my charm. When you have nothing to live up to, you can't disappoint anyone. I love that dumb blonde image because I have nothing to prove."

Well making such statements like "acting dumb is her intelligence", is D dumbest thing to do. She doesnt have to act dumb. She IS already one Moron.

P.S : This is the most decent PIC I got & its not put up to increase my Blog Traffic.


Amandeep Singh said...

Dumb Dumber Dumbest..how does it make a difference man
She is damn hot..

PS..nice way to get traffic;) lol and then mention it..cool way