3 Apr 2007

Wanna impress?

Worried about how to impress love of your life? Or how to make her feel special? Forget diamonds [well you can include that was well] .Herez introducing a simple way,If & only if she eats eggs!!

Ingrediants :
Heart shaped cookie cutter
Frying pan

1.Heat up a pan with a little bit of oil. Set your cooker to a low heat so that you don’t burn the eggs.

2. Place your heart shaped cookie cutter in to the center of the pan with the smooth side down, so as not to scratch the pan.

3. Crack an egg and pour it in to the center of the cookie cutter. The white will want to slip under the cutter, so hold it down to ensure a clean edge.

4. If some does escape, use a spatula to remove any excess egg from the outside of the cookie cutter. Remove the cookie cutter and let the egg cook for a few more seconds.

5. Carefully remove the egg from the pan with a spatula and pop it on a plate with the rest of the whateve u prepare
Hope you all will like the way to impress that is!!!! cheers


Haralowka said...

That is a novel idea. i like to do egg art as well.

Amandeep Singh said...

Man...I need to try that on some really hot gal..I bet she ll impressed!

Amandeep Singh said...
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Amandeep Singh said...

Now u put it that way..it sure sounds like one good idea...Thank you..if it works out..u get a treat from me:)
Thanx Kaavya

humbl devil said...

why not make an omelet and later give it the desired shape with the help of the spatula...
you can eliminate that cookie thingy altogether