30 Jun 2007

Mayadhantha Male Banthanna :)

Friends don't ask "Did you watch Mungaru Male?", they ask "How many times have you watched Mungaru Male?". Such is the impact of the movie and am sure the movie needs no intro at all. The popularity of the songs pervades everywhere, and you rarely go without hearing one of them on any day.

Tune in to any radio station or any Kannada television channel and one of the numbers from the film is bound to pop up within 10 to 15 minutes. Barring the rare exception, one in every three songs broadcast is from the film and every request show faces a barrage of requests from fans.
The songs can be heard from car stereos. BPO employees swear that once they enter their cabs, it rains "Mungaru Male". I can say the songs have become anthems for the youth in Karnataka.

Thanks to Nagathihalli Chandrashekar for introducing Manomurthy, NRI, S/W engineer, who has given such lovely music for the movie. The rain is still pouring and pouring cats and dogs mind you.

of the best Kannada films made in recent times. It gives other young film makers and writers immense confidence. There are no cheap comedy scenes, which act as fillers in most of our films today. There are no villains who shout at the top of their voice. There are no songs shot in Switzerland and Malaysia (Karnataka is beautiful too. Watch the movie if you don’t think so!).

Congrats to the whole team and every bit of success is deserving.....
All the very best for upcoming talents...... The biggest appreciation I can offer is by watching them in theatres... Coz thats all it matterzzz

10 Jun 2007

As tall as the Himalayas!!!

Its been more then 3 weeks since dad got promoted as DySP, but the celebrations never seem to end at all. The flowers and the farewells, the wishes through cards and through phone calls, not to forget having guests at home everyday[ Momz having a tough time], its all happening here.

Last night we had Mr.Praveen Sood, Police commissioner, Mysore city and his wife Vinita amongst us for dinner. And among all the guests we had for dinners and lunches, yesterday was a memorable one. Only yesterday I realized that Praveen uncle is qualified with a B.Tech from IIT, Delhi, and an MBA from IIM, Bangalore. It was quite an experience talking with them. While I answered questions related to my work, he spoke about how the process goes on in the Govt. sector. It was great to hear when he said "SPI" is the biggest s/w company in Mysore *collars up*.

While aunty relished amma's south Indian cooking, we spoke about how Mysore has improved due to the genesis of IT sector. Its always great to meet successful people and hear their success stories. For me inspiration plays a very important role, and I learned one thing from the dinner; Being humble and down to earth no matter how big your success story is, will let you focus on further goals and let you repeat the "Success" story again!!!

Its been a common practice for all the guests while they bid us good-bye, "Next time we'll meet you all in her[referring to me] marriage".

And I give them a straight face :-/

8 Jun 2007

Occupational Errors!!

This was taken from the mail that I got from Sachin. Many stuff from here are related to my life in one or the other way, and I'am sure many of you reading will feel the same. Please avoid reading it if you have got a mail from the same "Subject line".

  1. This weekend I am looking for a get away of about 200-300 KM car drive. Any idea, what are the places I can visit around Hyderabad? Also, please do provide me with the path.
  2. "Also, please do provide me with the path". Side effects of being in the IT field. 'Route' becomes path .!
  3. Yeah.. "provide me with the Path" , actually couldn't recollect that the word should be route till u mentioned it…. Certainly occupational errors….
  4. The other day I was hearing one guy talking of a "Standalone" house.. when he was actually intending a independent house… Poor broker should have tuff time trying to find a " Alone house standing in a huge empty area… ".Don't know what interpretations the guy must have made.
  5. Few years back my shogun engine stopped on Bangalore MG Road as the petrol came to reserve. I told my friend I need to restart my bike!
  6. Once I went to have juice at the local juice vendor and asked him whether he had a plain 'version' of nimbu pani.
  7. One late night when I went home after work, I was trying to flash my id card to open the lock and only after few secs, I realised what i'm trying to do ;-)
  8. Don't you guys ever wonder for you mobile phones not having Cntrl+C/Cntrl+V OR Cntrl+Alt+Del facilities???
  9. Once when I was searching for a house, When the owner asked my name, my reply was "Sudheer underscore some" (My id is Sudheer_some).
  10. Some times I dial 0 to call while using land line at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I go to some place to wash my hands… I just show my hands up and wait for the water to wash it…. :P forgetting I need to turn something on…
  12. When I went to a movie theatre from office directly.. I showed the guy at the entrance my ID card and walked in… he had to call me back asking the ticket…
  13. And how can we forget the "Ctrl + Enter" effect while shooting mails from home using yahoo/gmail.
  14. Few of my friends and myself decided to go out for dinner. The place wasn't fixed yet. I said we shall decide it "run time".
  15. And I – after a forty hour marathon in Bhubaneshwar with Powerbuilder, decided to take a break and went to a movie. In the middle of the movie, when I wanted to check the time, I kept repeatedly glancing at the bottom right corner of the silver screen!
  16. Me getting a thought of doing an Alt+Tab while switching from a news channel to the DVD while watching TV.

The best experience I had was when I called home and told mom, I want the certain work done by EOD. Poor amma was wondering what EOD is :-)

7 Jun 2007

When headlines turn into headaches

Ooh gossip! We all have done it at one point or another. I’ll just let the cat out of the bag here: Everybody gossips at work. We all have a friend who informs us about other people but doesn’t take it further. And then we have met at one point or another that terrifying person that just gets pure pleasure out of skinning people alive. You know the type, the ones who get this glossy look in their eyes like a kitten on catnip.

*shivering* I draw the line when it stops being funny and just becomes horrifically diabolical. Yeah, it’s all hilarious until it hits (you) between the cheeks. It’s amazing to me how bad news travels fast! Your day could be starting out well until... you hear from a friend who told another friend, that you did you know what, you know where, with you know who! Then it all stops being funny. Sure, for everyone else it’s just humorous. But it’s never the same for the individual being talked about. There is nothing funny about being under the spotlight for everyone to focus on and enjoy as they pass each other the dinner roll at the table.

Don’t even try to object gossips at work, even if you don’t do it now you’ve definitely done it before. This goes for me as well. It’s just human nature, especially when you get comfortable in a work environment and start to become friends with your co-workers. However, participating in this kind of activity can be extremely dangerous to your career.
Why? How much harm can come from an innocent comment? Here’s the short answer: Tons (I know, enlightening). The biggest danger when gossiping is not what’s actually being said, but who ends up hearing it. .

What’s the solution? Obviously, you can still talk to your co-workers about both work and non-work related topics. However, when you are talking, just run your thoughts through a filter before you speak them. Basically, if you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying them with all your co-workers around, you probably should reconsider saying them. Things are still going to slip through the filter, but you’re much less likely to be looking for a new source of income anytime soon with it on.

I think the extent and closeness of the gossip is what’s most harmful. As long as it’s not a harmful comment, meant to hurt someone’s reputation, it’s OK to chat up a bit. And really, there’s a fine line between just wanting to know how someone’s doing and wanting to get dirt and shovel them up.Until next time Shhhhhhhhhhhh!!

3 Jun 2007

The mirror? The wall? The self?

Archu how'ru

Not bad, not bad and you?

Hey not bad at all, been busy?

Yes quite and you?

Kind of what you been

Nothing much, nothing much but been busy and you?

Nope, nothing, not really nothing, but yeah... nothing.Nothing huh?

How's the family?

Good good been good.

How's the folks?

Yeah yeah nice, nice, real nice.

Hey! I gotta get going real busy, nothing really but you know..

Ya Archu take care.

You too Archu.


This is the transcript for every single conversation I've had recently.
I don't know why I even bother with 'messengers'. The most common conversation here would be "How are you? Did you eat? See ya..". Would it be better if we just ignored each other, rather than want to finish a conversation as soon as it starts? And why? We got to stay in touch right? With all these gizmos, you would think we would be getting closer..I'm included when I say that a lot of us take each other for granted.