30 Jun 2007

Mayadhantha Male Banthanna :)

Friends don't ask "Did you watch Mungaru Male?", they ask "How many times have you watched Mungaru Male?". Such is the impact of the movie and am sure the movie needs no intro at all. The popularity of the songs pervades everywhere, and you rarely go without hearing one of them on any day.

Tune in to any radio station or any Kannada television channel and one of the numbers from the film is bound to pop up within 10 to 15 minutes. Barring the rare exception, one in every three songs broadcast is from the film and every request show faces a barrage of requests from fans.
The songs can be heard from car stereos. BPO employees swear that once they enter their cabs, it rains "Mungaru Male". I can say the songs have become anthems for the youth in Karnataka.

Thanks to Nagathihalli Chandrashekar for introducing Manomurthy, NRI, S/W engineer, who has given such lovely music for the movie. The rain is still pouring and pouring cats and dogs mind you.

of the best Kannada films made in recent times. It gives other young film makers and writers immense confidence. There are no cheap comedy scenes, which act as fillers in most of our films today. There are no villains who shout at the top of their voice. There are no songs shot in Switzerland and Malaysia (Karnataka is beautiful too. Watch the movie if you don’t think so!).

Congrats to the whole team and every bit of success is deserving.....
All the very best for upcoming talents...... The biggest appreciation I can offer is by watching them in theatres... Coz thats all it matterzzz


Ellelliyu said...

Well said, Kavya! Ee Mungaaru surimaleya avashyakathe ittu namma sandalwood ge :)

Unknown said...

i too agree with tis "The biggest appreciation I can offer is by watching them in theatres..." n i have alrdy watchd 5 times n planning to watch tis weeknd in PVR