17 Jul 2007

I met GOD

For the past few days I was busy, talking to GOD. God helped me realize my capabilities, taught me how to dream and told me he chose me coz I was special. I started dreaming my dream and found life itself is a dream, and sometimes your dreams help you kill yourself. Now I am no more and this is my last post. Yes I have decided not to write anymore. Spirituality is something which will help me kill myself more so I am into it from today!

Thanks to all of you for handling my TORTURES….

15 Jul 2007

Stand-up comedy and Schumi

It was Ralf's wedding celebrations at the Schumachers... and look what happened!!

Schumi was proud of his first ever Best Man's speech at Little Ralfie's wedding. Ralf had warned Schumi beforehand not to mention Jordan and the 'funny' story, and Schumi said he could trust him on this one.
The speech and the comedy went like this:

I looked over at Ralf and Cora, so happy together, and said it was lovely that my brother should have been blessed with a child so early on in his relationship. Then I pulled a comic face. (So everybody would know the comedy moment was coming up)
But why, I said, WHY did he have to name him after one of my greatest rivals on the Formula 1 track? My nephew is now David Schumacher. I said I was not looking forward to Cora getting pregnant again. If she had twin boys I would no doubt be uncle to Kimi and Juan Schumacher!
Everybody is falling about laughing.

9 Jul 2007

Maths Maniac

Sis is involved in too much of algebra these days and has started talking it. This is the conversation mom had with her y'day.

Mom: putta, what's your classmate's name who has long hair.

Sis [solving some equation] : shez not a3, shez not b3, shez not c3.... shez 'Gaya[3]thri'.

Mom : *Blinking*

6 Jul 2007

If TT had any brains, it'd be dangerous

Scene 1:

Its been a common practice off late for TT to call me while she sets a journey everyday from ITPl to her place... and everytime she calls me, I tell her "Gimme 10 min, I'll get back to you".

I never call back...[working too much] and she always complains that the 10mins never arrive.

One evening she calls up and for her luck am free, I pick the call and tell her "Wait for 10 min, start your countdown and I promise I will get back in 10min this time"

I pack things and call her in 9 min, and the phone is in waiting....

TT calls back and says "Wow, you did call up in 10 min din't you? Thats great change!"

Me: "Thats fine but I told you to wait and not talk over phone"
and there came a shocker and yeah a chocker too...

TT: "Ya you told me to wait, so I put the phone in waiting.... Just for the effects"

Me: "No comments".
Scene 2:
TT is getting married to her BF who is doing his MS in the US, this october, and I was trying to find out if the honeymoon is decided or not.
Me: "Hey, whats for the honeymoon da?! have you guys decided place?"TT : "Ayyo after marriage there will a reception in his native and then we get two days which will go by with he packing things"

May be the timing of my question was wrong,
Me: "Shit is it? when is he coming here by the way?"

Quite a desperate TT says "Oh! can I go honeymoon before marriage?"

Wish I could say "Yes" but I said "No wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!"

As I quoted before, TT is my all time inspiration for my posts when I am outta Ideas.. Rock On TT