17 Jul 2007

I met GOD

For the past few days I was busy, talking to GOD. God helped me realize my capabilities, taught me how to dream and told me he chose me coz I was special. I started dreaming my dream and found life itself is a dream, and sometimes your dreams help you kill yourself. Now I am no more and this is my last post. Yes I have decided not to write anymore. Spirituality is something which will help me kill myself more so I am into it from today!

Thanks to all of you for handling my TORTURES….


Ravi N Gowda said...

Hey what happened to you? why are u stopping writing?

JPK said...


Now thats what i call being compassionate in whatever you do *Sarcastic*, sorry for these words however i have to ask you : why should you stop writing if you are planning to be spiritual? Im sure you have your answers ready. Anyways ill miss you in your space.

Cheers and love,


PS: Comeback soon when you have attained moksha there are some lesser mortals who read your blog(For example me).

Amandeep Singh said...

Well I can see the spiritual rise in u..and I understand what do mean by killing urself. You must be the chosen one for all this..
But do come back..n help us with sharing with us more experiences!

The Lad said...

Hey you should stay and also enlighten us

Anonymous said...

are you mad?

Anonymous said...


Whats wrong with you? how can you do this?

Unknown said...

Hey what happened to you? why are u stopping :-(