6 Jul 2007

If TT had any brains, it'd be dangerous

Scene 1:

Its been a common practice off late for TT to call me while she sets a journey everyday from ITPl to her place... and everytime she calls me, I tell her "Gimme 10 min, I'll get back to you".

I never call back...[working too much] and she always complains that the 10mins never arrive.

One evening she calls up and for her luck am free, I pick the call and tell her "Wait for 10 min, start your countdown and I promise I will get back in 10min this time"

I pack things and call her in 9 min, and the phone is in waiting....

TT calls back and says "Wow, you did call up in 10 min din't you? Thats great change!"

Me: "Thats fine but I told you to wait and not talk over phone"
and there came a shocker and yeah a chocker too...

TT: "Ya you told me to wait, so I put the phone in waiting.... Just for the effects"

Me: "No comments".
Scene 2:
TT is getting married to her BF who is doing his MS in the US, this october, and I was trying to find out if the honeymoon is decided or not.
Me: "Hey, whats for the honeymoon da?! have you guys decided place?"TT : "Ayyo after marriage there will a reception in his native and then we get two days which will go by with he packing things"

May be the timing of my question was wrong,
Me: "Shit is it? when is he coming here by the way?"

Quite a desperate TT says "Oh! can I go honeymoon before marriage?"

Wish I could say "Yes" but I said "No wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!"

As I quoted before, TT is my all time inspiration for my posts when I am outta Ideas.. Rock On TT


Amandeep Singh said...

TT does look like greta inspiration ;)
and u should call back as promised :)

Dums said...

hey just now i read this article..Its awesome ... next time wen we meet along wit TT will discuss more about this.That ll be a super time pass... :-)