15 Jul 2007

Stand-up comedy and Schumi

It was Ralf's wedding celebrations at the Schumachers... and look what happened!!

Schumi was proud of his first ever Best Man's speech at Little Ralfie's wedding. Ralf had warned Schumi beforehand not to mention Jordan and the 'funny' story, and Schumi said he could trust him on this one.
The speech and the comedy went like this:

I looked over at Ralf and Cora, so happy together, and said it was lovely that my brother should have been blessed with a child so early on in his relationship. Then I pulled a comic face. (So everybody would know the comedy moment was coming up)
But why, I said, WHY did he have to name him after one of my greatest rivals on the Formula 1 track? My nephew is now David Schumacher. I said I was not looking forward to Cora getting pregnant again. If she had twin boys I would no doubt be uncle to Kimi and Juan Schumacher!
Everybody is falling about laughing.


Anonymous said...

ha ha. :) that was a good one. I hope Schumi dear gets to be uncle for Fernando Schumacher one day. :D