20 Aug 2007

Bombing opinions!

Knowing Ikram Siddiqui personally was the reason for the overwhelming sms'es I received that day. "Papers wrote Imran Siddiqui, a cousin of Haneef's wife Firdous Arshiya, left from India, after the Immigration Department granted him a visa following security checks to give a helping hand to the UK based doctor."

One of the sms I got read "Hey, did you read paper today? Ikram is Haneef's cousin! You are always involved with biggies yaar", while the other said "Are you involved in that event too? coz your dad's cop...so thought I should have a check" and the sms of the day was "I am deleting your number after reading the headlines".

While my friends made hungama over me knowing Ikram(Imran's younger brother), my thoughts on a lighter note pondered on what kind of a bomb a self-respecting suicide bomber makes that even refuses to detonate?
The entire Glasgow bombing episode, I wonder if Bangalore has lost ALL equity and self-respect in the suicide-bombers' circles. The person behind the attack is from Bangalore. They recruit a Ph.D person for the plan and he makes a car-bomb that doesn't kill him in the first place; let alone an entire airport. Shame...much shame. I mean think about it, we're better off being lame software engineers. Let's leave all these higher aspirations aside.

Or is it the way IDEA NAREN quotes in his kuyyokuotes that "There is nothing like 'the best time' for marriage and death... you only have a choice to skip the first one!". May be bomber had no chance of choosing (his) right time of killing himself, hence the implementation of the plan failed. I decided to have a conversation with Idea regarding same.

But otherwise I was still in a dilemma about calling Ikram or not, a week later from then, my cellphone was flooded with sms'es again. That day papers read "Gold Coast-based doctor Mohamed Haneef has been released from the Wolston Correctional Centre, west of Brisbane."

The view and the content of the sms'es differed this time. Few asked me to "congratulate Ikram on the success" and few said "people who've got the guts to stand up and make the point, always win." and hopefully the one who deleted my number would have re-stored it back.

On serious note all I could do is quote myself something George Bernard Shaw once said "One must always think about things, and one must think about things as they are, not as they are said to be"!. Next thing I did was call my friend.

Few days from then I saw on papers "Glasgow’s suicide bomber Kafeel dead"!
This time I folded the newspaper neat, switched off my cellphone and pick up this newly added book in my library "The Power of NOW" and rest you need to guess!!!

15 Aug 2007

Don’t seek the truth. Just cease to cherish opinions.

Well, time and again my life some or the other way went like Calvin's....
and So did the spiritual thingie !!

Tadaaaaa, Uh-Ha, I'am BACK :)