15 Dec 2007

Take a DEEEP breath ....

Oh so you did take a deep breath isn't it? *counting with fingers* Err well you have to pay 167.33/- for the O2 that you just inhaled! #$%@#$%^% Confused?

You don't have to... things are quite at place at least now. Few days from now there won't be any surprise about paying for the Oxygen that you take in for the very survival.

SC says "Breathing is not a necessity but a habit...."

They say it's even fun now with all kinds of flavours available.

Talk about fun check these -- O2 Bars


Anonymous said...

Hmm.. This reminds me of the Govinda song in Gambler... 'Stop That.. - Khuli hawa par sarkaar tax rakhegi'

JPK said...


Finally i got some time to update my blog and catch a breath! and here i am reading on oxygen bar! Interesting.



PS: Hey if you would like to pen down a travelogue on an it lifestyle magazine do get in touch with me.