20 Jan 2008

For my always “Little Vatti”

Before... Long time before...You loved me in a different way? Times change and the ways also!!
But isn't this what it means to grow up together? ...

I know it’s unpleasant to see innocence and starry eyes be replaced by one of the less sweet character traits … like practicality… (I’m really not the biggest fan of practicality).

And I do think it’s more romantic when you say... the sum of all forces add up to ONE... unity is always a nice number... (Zero’s are kina empty like... unless they have ONE in front of them and besides I really doubt these physicists know what they are talking about so if I were you I wouldn't take that law at face value) . I also think it’s romantic when you tease me about “bowl” or the “servant-wears” [You should understand]. When we were sad at the same time while Schu spoke that speech and when Jammy was dropped! The times when we were happy while some BI*** lost the big boss and the nach baliye. Those times when we both laughed and cried together...Very few of them but best of all the times till date.

Anyway...Let’s just be romantic shall we?

You are home to me... and you are my innocence and starry eyes ... It's with you for safe keeping... coz I now find myself in a world where it might not be the best thing to wear on my sleeve...

I'll just do what I need to do and come to you when I need to be me or when you should need me...Even when I am gone...to a different family; a family which cannot possibly have you.

So please don't forget that you are loved just as much as always...

Also, please don't forget the vitamins along with the chapters that you read almost 12hrs a day...
Vitamins I mean the lovely food amma prepares and the way we have it together.

I love you

the older
(...and hopelessly lost) sister.


Amandeep Singh said...

nicely written letter with so many things said