16 Jan 2008


*Listening to BAD BAD GIRLS by Anushka*

Dhanurmaasa is finally over. Mom over phone. Whenever I hear this matrimonial stuff I start getting this strange feeling. “Am I running out of expiry date?” What’s the big deal about them being in so much hurry. One big reason why I am kinda ok with the whole thing is that I get to re-locate. 22yrs in one place is too much. That too for a person like me who would not complain if work involved travel all the 5 days. But the truth is I work in a same 10*10 place [call it a cubicle] for 9[+ if needed] hrs for 5[+ if needed] days a week.

I have started to enjoy these womanish talks mom has with my athe. While she was still on phone I decided to join the fun and asked “mom while I bid my last bye-bye after marriage, who all will cry?” She was already in tears. Mothers are so lovely! She started “your dad, me, athe, ajji, thatha and Vatti [that’s my sis]” Sister?? Nah... She wouldn’t I am sure.

“How could I forget” mom continued. “You will cry, trust me you will cry lots”.

“Me”???? Mom said that with so much confidence. But what about the costly make-up I will be wearing? Its goanna get all spoiled. Ohmiigoddd I better get lots of tissues and yes glycerin handy, just in case I do not *sigh* you know ~~NOT CRY~~

I am already worried! Better get some solutions on this emotional expectation; not here in reality but yeah in dreams.

*Plugs a large lump of cotton*


humbl devil said...

hey, congrats!!!
when's the d-day???