17 Mar 2008

Happy Birthday

This morning I thought perhaps it's time I start posting about more serious, and relevant political issues that affect all of us. Its my blog's first Birthday after all & I have to write something serious. But then I realize I'm not that way inclined. It would be like taking medication unsupervised, which is fun, but it's still not all that it's supposed to be. So I'll let insanity be how it was & will not take any medication.

16 Mar 2008

Realized Regret #2

I'm walking through streets that are dead

Walking, walking with you in my head

My feet are so tired, my brain is so wired

And the clouds are weeping
With that I’m soaking

Did I hear someone tell a lie?

I hear someone's distant cry?

I spoke like a child; you destroyed me with a smile

While I was sleeping
Could you ever be true?

I think of you

And I wonder

I'm sick of love; I wish I'd never met you

I'm sick of love; I'm trying to forget you

Just don't know what to do

But the truth is I'd give anything to

Be with you

15 Mar 2008


Every word that you uttered, It is still fresh in my mind...

Despite the hurt that it caused, I am standing by you......

Why is love so blind?

My hopes you killed, Smothered my expectations,

Yet ,I love you more with every passing moment ...

Is there at all an explanation?

I trusted you with all I had,

Yet, u made a mockery of my emotions.

Did you ever love me at all?

Or was it just one of my many false notions?

I surrendered to you completely,

In you I put all my faith...

And when i realised that it was a mistake,

It had already been too late.....

6 Mar 2008

My PCL tore :(

<-- This Liggie tore.

RICE is what I need to take, errr RICE is Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.
I am on bed with rest and ice. Pray for my torn lig people coz there is no other medicine.

4 Mar 2008


I Just wrote something "Clever" just now! But wonder where I put that :)