20 Apr 2008

Of Beauty and Men.......

She ran. She ran as fast as she could. Finally when she was at a place where nobody would spot her she sat down gently. She had to make sure that the wings don’t get messed up. Her eyes were moist by then. She could see her reflection in the clear running river water. White Kohl is what you need few said. Black wouldn’t be visible at all someone shouted. All of them laughed. The frock is contrasting for the skin color many yelled. A fat butterfly is a rare scene they laughed again.

She ran from there. All she could hear while she ran was them & their taunting voices. Those voices made her mother’s voice fade. You are a lovely butterfly her mom told her after she wore those wings that she herself had made.

She had carefully collected the feathers past two months. Few from the bushes, lots from the dirty road side; they were white, grey and also black. Each of them she carefully washed as soon she reached home & dried them with the tissues & kept them under her bed. She made sure she dint sleep on the side where they were kept; instead she slept on the side of bed where they were not kept. Every morning she would ask her mom to lift the heavy bed just to check if all the feathers were crisp & with a HOPE that few would have multiplied so that that day she would not have to worry if she dint get any feathers while coming back from school. & everytime she realized that none multiplied. The enthusiasm increased & that day she found more feathers than the previous day. She painted them in colors of red, yellow and green. The river showed the dark skin she had clearly. With that sight the voices became clear.

Few years later:

She is now confident; a confident dark fat butterfly. Now she doesn’t run when she hears those voices. She stands with feet firmly grounded & colourful wings fluttering. She could now laugh at them back. She was a rare specimen butterfly. She had all colors, red, yellow, green & not to forget white & black also. But somewhere deep down it pricked. She had learnt to cry in heart and not through eyes. Beautiful, that’s the catch now...

I wonder when this will stop.... I wonder will it ever stop.... !!!

19 Apr 2008


Women! Complex creatures indeed; that includes me as well.

Now for example: I hate to listen to things that are like instructed for a pre-school kid. But at the same time I complain that I am not pampared like a kid.

Now that's just one example. More like, I hate when people say women are complicated & look at this post. *sigh*

Poor Men :)

17 Apr 2008


Have no fear for giving in

Have no fear for giving over

You’d better know that in the end

Its better to say too much

Then never say what you need to say again

Even if your hands are shaking

And your faith is broken

Even as the eyes are closing

Do it with a heart wide open

Say what you need to say

Yea my "Faith" is broken! That's the right word. BROKEN.

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  • Stay alone amidst wild forests of Nairobi on a tree house.
  • Get drenched in the thunder & lightning rain.
  • Meditate for an entire day.

That's it I guess....

15 Apr 2008


I am sure all of us have done 100 things while giggling/talking/listening over a phone call. During those Normally ok kinda days, I pick out all the stuff from the handbag if its the starting hour of the day & fill in all the stuff to the handbag if its the last hour of the day, @ office of course.

During those not so NORMAL days, I wonder where my phone is while on call :)

One of those days TODAY

7 Apr 2008

Rodeo Blues

Me (showing a pic on web): Hey check out this guy da, he is my latest crush!

Sis: He???

Me: yea... Just guess his age, can you?

Sis: might be in his 30s.

Me: How did you guess that? I have asked few others & they all said he is in his 20s.

Sis: If you’re stressing on a fact of “age” & he looks young then that means he is old. SIMPLE!!

Me: *Perplexed*

Sis: But here in this picture he is so much Rodeo fascinated types.

Me: Yes... But what’s so not-cool about a rodeo fanatic? Actually who are they?

Sis: They are so much country people.

Me: So? What's wrong in that?

Sis: ok to explain in a better way, ಎ...ನಮ್ ಹಳ್ಳಿಯವರ ಥರ ! (Like our villagers)

*Lots of giggles*


Me: Hey, wish we had Bluetooth in pen drives as well.

Sis: I have it actually.

Me: Uh ha...show me.

Sis (showing the device): See, it has blue ತೂತು (ತೂತು means hole in kannada).