7 Apr 2008

Rodeo Blues

Me (showing a pic on web): Hey check out this guy da, he is my latest crush!

Sis: He???

Me: yea... Just guess his age, can you?

Sis: might be in his 30s.

Me: How did you guess that? I have asked few others & they all said he is in his 20s.

Sis: If you’re stressing on a fact of “age” & he looks young then that means he is old. SIMPLE!!

Me: *Perplexed*

Sis: But here in this picture he is so much Rodeo fascinated types.

Me: Yes... But what’s so not-cool about a rodeo fanatic? Actually who are they?

Sis: They are so much country people.

Me: So? What's wrong in that?

Sis: ok to explain in a better way, ಎ...ನಮ್ ಹಳ್ಳಿಯವರ ಥರ ! (Like our villagers)

*Lots of giggles*


Me: Hey, wish we had Bluetooth in pen drives as well.

Sis: I have it actually.

Me: Uh ha...show me.

Sis (showing the device): See, it has blue ತೂತು (ತೂತು means hole in kannada).


Anonymous said...

oye, what abt the non-kannadigas???


Kaavya said...

Mistake corrected! :)

humbl devil said...

when did ya shift to hyd???

Sutta said...

Your sis is smart as well as funny. :P

Amandeep Singh said...


Buttonnose said...

ahem ! well, i kinda figured out who that 'cowboy' is !!!!!

Kaavya said...

Miss Pumpkin Queen....Zip ya moth please :-D

Kaavya said...

Miss Pumpkin Queen....Zip ya moth please :-D

Buttonnose said...

of course not !!! and why should i :D