26 May 2008

No Personal Questions Please!!!!!!!

The above line, sometime back used to be very famous with the stars. Yea, "used" to be, but after few years the stars gave in their efforts of keeping things on a low profile. All thanks to the Indian media, the 'hush hush' talks and the 'chirpy' dates that the stars do, it's all accessible to the common man and of course the woman as well.

Let’s push the politicians, the actors, the cricketers aside and talk about the janathe. For a change let us talk about me. All though I am no less a star, considering my normal status there is this new problem that I face everyday everywhere. Not just myself, this kinda problem I am sure is common for all the working IT girls with ‘miss’ statuses.

Scene #1: There is a wedding happening. Lots of guests are busy discussing about what the girl does, how many days of holidays he has got, what visa the girl is going to get, will they leave India together, and I enter along with my parents. The discussion almost stops and the same people throw questions at me for which according to my mom, I am expected to answer in a very humble way.

Scene #2: Mom and me are buying grocery with the help of “Sudex ho” which is not so popular in Mysore. While I tear the coupons I hear some familiar looking aunty talk with mom, and she asks mom, the same questions which thankfully my mom answers in a humble way.

Scene #3: Dad is dropping me to work. He gets a call on his cell phone; the political pudaari is so loud that I realize why dad doesn’t keep a cell phone having a loud speaker. After lots of discussions about the current political trends, who did what mistake, I hear the caller ask dad the same questions. I hear the same answers mom gives people, of course not in a humble way (dad is a cop).

Scene #4: Surfing the internet I happen to come across one of my old friend. Incidentally she is online and we start talking. After the initial hi, glad to see you here talks, she enquires me with the same prashnegalu.

All the kanyeyaru by now would have guessed the set of questions which are more tougher than the ones in CET/CAT exams. For others here it goes:

1.When are you getting married?

2.Software engineera? What’s your salary?

Ma and Pa have their common answers scripted mentally. They just laugh at the ever curious people that it’s my decision and they are waiting for me to sign off with the green flag.

I read in a social scientific study, that it's important not to confuse correlation with causation. In other words, just because married folks are healthier than single people, it doesn't mean that marriage is causing the health gains. It could just be that healthier people are more likely to be married. I also read that whenever people ask questions that would make you speechless, one should either be confident to answer it or else make sure that those questions do not lessen the emotional quotient.

For declarations like “next you”, I say a “thank you”....

& for the above typical Indian questions, I just shrug my shoulders and say “No personal questions please!!!”.

Quite a star answer alwa? What next? Ah people just ~Pack Up~.

25 May 2008

Lotus Fragrance -- in Karnataka!

So finally people of Karnataka have given their verdict. They need
change. They need development. They need basic commodities at
reasonable prices. Most of all they need a STABLE SINGLE party to

It is clear evidence that people took a decision that the elections
came in heavy to them. JD(S) is taught the lesson for not doing
justice to BJP and Cong too is taught lesson for inviting JD(S) to
form government, but later pushing them aside thus forcing for
governor rule. People of Karnataka were deprived from all the
development that had to happen because of all this and hence have
looked for a change. BJP have proved that no vote is untouchable.
Sushma Swaraj rightly called the "Lucky Mascot" has managed to get 8
out of 9 seats in Bellary region.

The reason for defeats of major leaders in JD(S) crew is none other
than HDR, the Gowda son. Right from Sidharamaih, M.P.Prakash,
J.T.Devegowda he always makes sure that the upcoming leaders fail so
that there are basically no front line leaders in the party. Now if
these leaders come up and mark themselves as specific caste leaders,
there will be fewer chances for him to come to powers or even give
threats to the family politics. For him building party is not
important but coming to power is important, according to close
sources. In such cases the leaders who cannot handle him and his cheap
way of politics choose to quit. He at least now should realize that
any party cannot stand with one big leader but also needs other
committed people. If he was not power hungry, I guess we would have
better government with HDK and Yediyurappa now.

The biggest mistake INC did was going by jothishya and totally
illogical seat distribution. There are almost 10-15 seats which were
given away by congress to BJP and JD(S) just like that. I mean from
where did Hegde's daughter come into picture? Some say that certain
defeats in the past have come from candidates who were in no scene of
winning like Tejaswini. But she was a known person by then and a very
eminent journalist who knew the spelling of politics. The games played
by JD(S) and INC just to make sure that Yediyurappa loses and hence
there would be no leader from BJP, was a idiotic move. By not making
their contestants they made it easier for Yediyurappa. People are not
that dumb to pick a contestant who was admitted thrice to hospital
just during the election time and go for another bi-election.
Bangarappa after being in active politics for such long time failed to
realize he was made the scapegoat. I guess he should consider getting
the jothishya aspect to his home first, after all the members from his
family irrespective of what party they belong have lost miserably. The
time of entry, of SMK probably was late. Even otherwise his factor did
come into picture. He getting Byregowda's son from the US all though
worked, but selecting Ambarish keeping in mind about Loksabha results
failed miserably. Vijaylakshmi Bandisidhegowda does not fail to visit
any house in her region whenever there is a death, just to make sure
that the death will not stop the livelihood of the family. Her efforts
have not gone waste and also the decision her son took for not
quitting JD(S).

Even though the final verdict is of a frustrated voter and not of the
intelligent voter, a decision is made. I hope the decision gives the
"common" voter what he wants.

Herez wishing Yedyurappa (Changed name after some Jothishya tactics) a successful tenure. Let the change, change everything :)

19 May 2008


For Others....

The walls of the home are dull. They have not seen paints from a very long time. Its very difficult to even guess the previously painted shades. Walls wait!!

The cotton of the bed is worn out. One has to sleep at the extreame edge of the cot as the other parts are hard and bumpy. Cot waits!!

The grandma jewels are inside the locker. They are not worn for a long time now, needs some dusting to be done. Jewels wait!!

The white paint rangoli on the floor in front of the gate has faded and the dots that have to be connected are themselves gone. Floor waits!!

The trip to India is not fixed as there is no event happening and holidays are not planned. NRI family waits!!

The nail has no family portrait hung to it after the new additions and deletions in family. Nail waits!!

For Her...

Bare forehead without sindoor, That finger without the E-ring, Neck without the thaali, Toes without the T-ring, Name without mrs prefix and without his name sufix, No status change right from the simple orkut to the big passport, No to-be mother to ask her why she is working late, No to-be father to call her and ask if his son takes good care of her, No to-be sis to call her out for shopping, & finally no someone with her, made just for her YET!!!!!

& she WAITS!!