19 May 2008


For Others....

The walls of the home are dull. They have not seen paints from a very long time. Its very difficult to even guess the previously painted shades. Walls wait!!

The cotton of the bed is worn out. One has to sleep at the extreame edge of the cot as the other parts are hard and bumpy. Cot waits!!

The grandma jewels are inside the locker. They are not worn for a long time now, needs some dusting to be done. Jewels wait!!

The white paint rangoli on the floor in front of the gate has faded and the dots that have to be connected are themselves gone. Floor waits!!

The trip to India is not fixed as there is no event happening and holidays are not planned. NRI family waits!!

The nail has no family portrait hung to it after the new additions and deletions in family. Nail waits!!

For Her...

Bare forehead without sindoor, That finger without the E-ring, Neck without the thaali, Toes without the T-ring, Name without mrs prefix and without his name sufix, No status change right from the simple orkut to the big passport, No to-be mother to ask her why she is working late, No to-be father to call her and ask if his son takes good care of her, No to-be sis to call her out for shopping, & finally no someone with her, made just for her YET!!!!!

& she WAITS!!


Anonymous said...

good job....bt avoid grammatical mistakes.

Anonymous said...

I think you need some help!

Anonymous said...

You have written in
wonderfully well,
but feels sad reading it.

Why is so much of pain it?

I hope the wait will be over,


Anonymous said...

aayegaaaaaaaa aaanewalaa
aayeagaaaaaa aaaaa


Purva said...

interesting way of putting it! hope to read more posts here!

Happy living

Anonymous said...

Reading your blog I had tears in my eyes.

Smile lady! There is always a better tomorrow.

rantravereflect/ jane said...

tatz a really neat way of puttin in the 'waiting' phase..
i mean the walls, teh cots, the jewels, the NRI's, the nails- :)
well, let us know when the wait is over!