4 Jul 2008


Plumes of smoke twisted around her long manicured fingersnails making spirals in the frosty air. She looked like most Party people on any given day and especially on Valentines evening - shrouded in black. The modern belle had severely straight, dyed black hair, Black turtle neck, tight short black skirt, black pantyhose and tall black stiletto boots. Leaning against a hotel wall, she spoke to a man who seemed more interested in her than she did in him. She looked out into the night and took a drag on her cigarette. “I taught my girls to drink scotch!” She proudly proclaimed flicking ashes onto the sidewalk.

As I passed by, I imagined her instructing her ‘girls’. “Now, girls, sophisticated woman only drink scotch! It’s a taste you must acquire!”

In what situation would she be telling her girls to drink scotch? What girls? It made me wonder, as I tried to invent situations where this phrase might fit. Might be a good start to a short story;


Anonymous said...

My Godddddddddd