23 Sept 2008

Assiduous Vatti


1. Vatti is Vathsalya, my younger sister. If I start adding adjectives to "describe her" then, this post will just turn into a "good words" post.

2. Keeping it simple, I'll say she is a good (not-so-normal) girl, and she is in her 12th std now.

3. She goes to Maths tuitions *only, 3 days a week, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

4. Every Saturdays there will be a test in this tuition classes that she goes and Vatti doesn’t like missing tests.

Now you all have sufficient knowledge, lemme start the scene...

A trip was arranged in the college for Innovative Film City recently. Yea that's good news I know but it was scheduled on a Saturday. That's bad news for Vatti coz that's when she has tests at her maths tuitions.

She protested; that she won’t go on this trip (now you know why she is not normal). Normally it’s the other way with kids, they would not want to go to the tuitions and miss the tests. But, anyways, so I and mom had to rush to the tuitions, talk to the lecturer to schedule a re-test on some other day. The lecturer being very nice and knowing that Vatti was not like normal kids, agreed and said she can take a re-test when a different batch takes it, and that was on a Monday.

The trip was over and also the re-test. The conversation after the re-test went something like this...

Mom: How did you do in the test?

Vatti: Yea, very well. Full baruthe (normal answer).

Mom: Wasn’t the test paper different? I mean your batch already wrote the test right, so you must have already got the questions.

Vatti: No I donno what questions he gave to my batch. I did not ask anyone.

Mom: I am sure he would have changed the questions; else you can arram se do well na?

Vatti: No he did not change the questions. It was the same paper.

Mom: If you donno what the questions were, how come you're so confident that it was the same paper?

Vatti: There were no extra question papers so sir gave me some other batch ka answer sheet.

*shocking* right..??? Hold on... there is more...

Mom: OHHH MYYYY GODDDDD; so did you copy from the answer sheet?

Vatti: Errr?? What??? Copy? From that one? Whoever wrote that won’t even get a mark, everything was wrong!!!!

Mom (din't stop here): If you did not see the answers then how come you know they were wrong...?

Vatti: I finished the paper soon. Also revised twice. Still had time and hence saw the answers.

We all Love you Vatti :)


ಕಿಶೋರ್ said...

Hey dnt say we all love vatti !!!!!!!!
lot of difference between love and like ,,
we like her :)
wt u say?????? (dnt feel bad ,,i think love is precious word )

Anonymous said...

Vatii is an exceptional kid I agree. But i wish one day she will thowthe books to a corner when she come home and flop on the sofa and say I am going to play and become non-exceptional. Make her play, children are meant to play. There is enough time in life to be too serious later in life.


Anonymous said...

wow.. am ishu here.. your sister is indeed very smart .. :p must say *normally abnormal* ..:p
Gal .. you write very well .. your written work touches the heart deep.. excellant piece to read .. :) lookin forward to more post of yours .. *greedy* .. :p take care .. keep writing.. ciao.. !!

Anonymous said...

I know she is not Normal,I am sure by gunda's behavior your things have screwed some things. Do u remember that?? But still she is sakare hudugi

Kaavya said...

@Kishore: "we all" is my family and certainly not all..

@uncle: yep...wish it happens sometime

@Ishu: tnQ sweetie... Keep visiting

ishu said...

hey .. i lub her.. :p .. but m not family eh ? ..
i hv gone thru the earlier posts abt vatti .. quite witty .. :) .. hehe.. i would luv to meet her.. :d ..
take caree

Kaavya said...

She would love to meet you too and btw me as well...
& more posts for ya...

The Kingmaker said...

I am sure she is normally abnormal cos of u :P Nimma torture indhe heegella aagirbeku!!!