25 Sept 2008

Chamu’s Memory Mania

Chamu at 12yrs: Scored 18/25 after hard work;

Her prayers to God:

“I wish you could increase my memory power so that I get more marks”

Chamu at 22yrs: Broke up with her boy friend;

Her prayers to God:

“I wish you could decrease my memory power so that I’ll forget him”

My moral of the Story:

Few things are matters of mind and few are matters of heart; but both involves only one thing and that's "TIME".

& Time is the best healer, always :) !!!


Anonymous said...

Why dint chamu ask for a new boy friend?

Anonymous said...

Be happy with what you have and please dont confuse GOD!!!!

humbl devil said...

well, said kiddo...

seen eternal sunshine of the spotless mind???

urvashi said...

very well said...good one. Btw, what was that testimonial email all abt?

Anonymous said...

Fully agree with Vatti. Dont confuse God with petty requests. The Big(man)god is too busy himself.
Find own solutions.


AG said...

perfect illustration

Keep Blogging

Rambler said...

Time brings in change, one thing which is always permanent..and with change comes a new perspective..and with it a new look at our self...guess you're right time indeed is the best healer

Unknown said...

memory is always tagged with TIME.....but i think its more about heart......v can forget somethings in one day....and v cannot forget somethings for a life time.....everything decided by heart.....