29 Dec 2008

Grow up? Y maa?

I cannot accept that I'm growing up. Terribly agonizing you know. I'd like to stay young forever, 22 would be ideal. These days I find a lot of people calling me akka. Kids in the temple call me aunty.

Your daughter is missing you my fiancee said; that's when I realized that am officially chikamma now.

Yeniiiiwayyy Everyone grows old, I know.. but I still yearn for for Neverland. :)

Is it my mistake???!!!

24 Dec 2008

People & Places

There is this place in Jayanagar 4th block. It used to be my favorite restaurant months ago. We used to come all the way to this place to have food. Yesterday lunch time and we were just in front of that hotel, I dint want to go.

When certain people can make you hate your life on a whole, then making you hate a place is no big deal.

18 Dec 2008

Stirred Life - 2

“Home Sweet Home”!! The doormat welcomed me. As I hit the doorbell “Om Namah Shivaya”, I heard it groan.

“Look at you, how sober, don’t you eat there?” mom almost yelled, opening the door.

“I am tired ma; let me sleep for a while. We shall talk later”, I retired to bed. The softness of my favorite pillow helped me get that cadaver sleep that which I hadn’t had for ages.

“She is Radhika, working in IBM as ML” dad passed me a snap. She looked cute, but didn’t have that charm I always looked in girls. “We have finalized 3 alliances, all you need to do is pick one of them and rest will be taken care” amma commanded.

The whole motive of coming home was to taste the slurpy rasam amma makes, chat with old colony friends and of course forget that witch at work with whom I am dealing with. The scene somehow changed completely. Every time family spoke about me getting hooked up I would make reasons, genuine ones actually to put it off. Today it was different; I really wanted to check those photos. I guess it was time to get committed. May be that would help me recover with all the stress. I wanted a woman who would make “behind every successful man there is a women” quote come to life.

“Where are the other pics?” I asked.

I could see the excitement in my parent’s eyes. They would never dream that I would come forward for the cause. The “3 knot” cause.

“Look at this girl, She is Anu Pallavi” papa showed me the next pic.

“Anu Pallavi” I already liked the name.

The smile of the lady made me forget all the stress I was going through. “It’s her!! Your dream girl” my heart started talks.

Going by the lovely smile and the name, “what does she do” I enquired.

“We will have to ask Mohan. He is the one who gave the pics to us”, mom picked up the phone and called Mohan uncle.

“It would be great if I could meet her once and then I can tell you about my decision. I am going out. We shall talk once am back” I left home.

~~~~ End of Part 2 ~~~~

17 Dec 2008

Dec 17th

On my desk I read
"We should never be afraid of tears. They soften our hearts, wash our eyes, and clear our vision."

11 Dec 2008

Stirred Life - 1

Behind every successful and happy person, there will be a perfect mood of God writing the story of that person. God probably is in no mood for a change since six years as he writes my story.

Life has been the same for the past six years. The roads that I travel, the time of travel, the place I stay, and of course the workstation, nothing has changed. Imagination and the creativity inside me are on the verge of a wary death.

Adding cherry on the ice-cream is the client. Ever complaining and never listening attitude of them has made my life wretched.

Hi I am Rahul. Thanks to Bollywood, every time I introduce myself people expect a ‘6 pack’ Sharukh Khan in my personality. So to speak I am quite a contradictory person. Plain, easy, undemanding and all such soft adjectives if added would make more sense to me.

Tech Lead, that’s what is my designation in this org. Preparing reports, adding ghost hours in the billable section, always trying to add sense to all the nonsense excels that my PM wants me to update and the most of all having daily conversations with my client onshore & defending my team of 8 for all the work they do which most of the time doesn’t make the client happy; such is my work.

I always believed that life is beautiful, without any doubt. But it comes with its seasons, its hard knocks and with several tangles. It makes demands on us to change ourselves, sometimes it also overwhelms us. It could be much simpler, happier and easier if only we learn to love life’s complications.

That’s what I am doing. Climbing the success career quite early in my life explained all the tantrums I am dealing now. Our team in India works day in and day out to cater the wants of the client.

Oops I realize client is a more of a collective word. To be very precise about the problem, I am dealing with a Madame residing in the other part of the world.

She is Jaya!!! Confident, Courageous, Impatient, Arrogant, Stubborn, Straightforward and a born leader; that’s few things I can quote about her. She is like this women who thought that “fixing men” means “taking a chisel and hammer, and start sculpting men”

What’s with this chunk of code? It’s a total junk. How on earth could you guys do this? Why wasn’t I in the loop when this decision was taken? The BA needs to be asked before this code is finalized. The MOM is lacking many points that were spoken. Weekends are meant to be, to work when deadlines are approaching.

Always finding mistakes and making my life miserable. It’s been a year almost, and the situation has been the same. Miserable, Miserable and More Miserable;

In life, we got to learn our lessons swiftly. Otherwise it will teach us in a hard way. It did not take much time for me to realize that “Tiredness is... laziness with a reason”!

“I need a break”, finally the emblematic techie within me spoke.

“I can’t grant you leave, why don’t you take a break just for the weekend” PM suggested. Not wanting to take up an argument with him I nodded.

~~~~ End of Part 1 ~~~