21 Jan 2009

TT, I miss you!

I miss you when something really good happens, because you are the one I want to share it with.

I miss you when something is troubling me, because you are the one who understands me so well.

I miss you when I laugh and cry because I know that you are the one that makes my laughter grow and my tears disappear.

I miss you all the time, but I miss you most when I lay awake at night and think of all the wonderful times we spent with each other; for those were some of the best times of my life.

More than anything I miss you these days, when am shopping for my most special day.

And I am sure I will miss you to the core on the special day.

Your absence is felt on a very big scale TT. Wish you were here :(


Unknown said...

nice one - when is the Special day dearie

Kaavya said...

Why dont you mail me you address? I shall send you the invite swthrt :)

ishu said...

hmm .. congratulations .. :)
that's a happy news ..

i didn't hear a single *good* news since a long tym .. :( that sounds music to my ears though i don't knw you .. and you don't knw me as well ..
or do you? .. :p

Kaavya said...

I dont know about whether you know me or me knowing you, but all I know is that if we want we can know each other :)