21 Feb 2009

Gym Instructor

Madam, eyes close madbedi while exercising "Chakkar" hodiyuthe. [dont close your eyes while exercising, you will feel dizzy]

Madam, mouth close maadi while exercising, nose inda breathe maadi. [Inhale through nose and not through mouth]

Madam, walk madovaaga free aagi hand support ilde walk maadi. [Dont hold the side arm of the jogger while you walk]

Madam knows nothing about gymming! But follows everything that's instructed. Shedding 2kgs in 6 days explains.


Anonymous said...

It shows...

Anonymous said...

madm, plnin 2 vansh i thnk

The Kingmaker said...

This explains why me call are not recieved or returned, :P