19 Feb 2009

Not so Rangeela re!

Green and Purple?

Maroon with gold may be?

Magenta along Mustard yellow?

White having maroon border?

Yellow and Red?

Lavender mixed with Brown?

I am having hard time finalizing my wedding saree shades… :( Help Anyone?


Anonymous said...

though i have no clue abt sarees...i thnk magneta lng wid mustard yellow wud b the best among all...

Unknown said...

Maroon with gold will be gud pa...or check with vinay na

ishu said...

Green and Purple.. i got myself this shade for my brother's marriage .. it's very preety combi .. do try it ..

JPK said...

Are you getting married?


Sorry cant be much of a help with sarees.



Anonymous said...

I think Red and Yellow will Suit the Occassion In best way.Ondu Hennigae Arishina kumkumae shobuithae aagi baalamma antha aashirvaada kododhu.. It should look good as well,so Just look for the Right Combination and pattern. Other wise you will look like bhuvaneshwari matha( Karnataka Flag)..


The Kingmaker said...

Would agree with Vinay but ensure you dont endup looking like a Ka Ra Ve activist.

Anonymous said...

:) sorry sweetie cant help in this :) i know how confusing it is to select a saree's for the D day.