10 Feb 2009

Time Machines? Excuse Us Please :)

How would your life be?

If you had patched up with your best friend a year ago and not let her go?

If you had not yelled at someone 2 years ago?

If you had not met an acquaintance got close and shared many stuff for he would just forget you?

If you had got someone you longed for desperately since 5 years?

If you had not made one seemingly incongruous decision a year back?

If you had not let some migrate to a far off land?

If you had not helped someone relocate to a different continent hoping you would be with same gang when you go there?

If you had been stubborn as usual and refused to listen to reason?

If you had been able to take back something you said to someone once, which made you feel terrible inside?

My answer is of course “A whole lot different...” and I am sure for many of you reading this too…

Things we do, so unconnected with anything else, have such an impact on our lives. Things we wish we could take back show their value a couple of years down the line. Something or someone you wish you could have but fail to acquire, and are heartbroken about, actually show their purpose much later when you are able to attain something much better and thank your stars then.

It's a good thing life doesn't have a rewind button like we so often wish it did. We would miss out on a hell of a lot otherwise.


Anonymous said...

That's why they invented the word 'Vagaries'... :)

ishu said...

This is not my first visit on your blog but probably is the 4-5 comment. I am amused and extremely astonished by the amount of research that you have or whoever wrote this put in before compiling such a fine piece of information. But the thing is that there just can be a reciprocating article somewhere or it must have already been written by now by someone who carries the same notions but about the opposite mentality

Anyways, a fine work. Actually found myself also agreeing into few of those categories .. !!