24 Mar 2009

Handily Devastated.

“Why is my sister’s legs twisted ma?” asked 4yr old Krupa. “It’s a new born baby so it just seems a little twisted that’s all” explained her mom.

Little did mom know that the small twist will tangle her entire family’s bliss!

“Blount's disease” the doctors had declared. Not that solution did not exist; Bracing was always available but what did not exist was money. The head of the family was after all just a gardener in one of those wealthier houses whose bread earner’s hobby was gardening. Mom wished people in the wealthier houses had hobbies of helping disabled babies grow, but reality was that the baby was jinxed and she could do just nothing.

As years passed the hardship increased. Staying at home was the only option for her. The society would not let her live in peace. The constant teasing and commenting forced her to stay indoors. Family and relatives called her “Waste” and that was how she felt too, "a waste", fit for nothing girl.

“She doesn’t go anywhere” mom panicked. “Its close to 10pm and she isn't home. Something is wrong”

Mom was comforted by family that she will return. How far can a 14yr old crippled girl go after all, they said.

Next day mom received a parcel, it had a lakh and a note that read “Achieved”

What the family was also clueless was that morning headlines “Rapist Shot Dead in front of High court

Rapist accused of mercilessly raping 18 girls was shot dead by a 14yr old girl last night. She shot herself after that. The girl is not yet identified. One of the unnamed revolutionary club claims the responsibility. This club believes in violent and revolutionary stance towards the culprits and says is against the current judiciary system that can never mark justice . . .

& the crippled 14yr old girl had gone very far!


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