22 Apr 2009

I am Yapppyyyyyyyy

Tra La La Tra La La La.....

Wondering why I am happy?

TT is Back from US and she will be there on my D-Day :- )

People close to my heart know how much I love "surprises"; but they always tend to give Shocks :) well sweet ones though

TT never let a small hint about planning her trip back home! All I got was a call from local mobile phone and "Dint you recognize me?"

Tra La La Tra La La La.....

btw this time I have not started the countdown; Dad has... He is keeping count of all the days I am gonna stay at home & now wonders why daughters have to be sent off after so much of laad pyaar. Hmmm I guess that's the reason parents get sad when they have a girl baby; for they have to sent her away someday for sure.

Talking about sweet things, 10 of us in the team are getting married this year. So our mailbox is always filled with "Sweets at my desk" mails. PM sir is not happy though, for all the leaves he has to grant. Last heard he planned to suggest guys not to take a HM!!

Climate now is very romantic and I got to know that thru hubby! So had not so hot, not so good, lots of water, a little milk and no sugar kaapi!

Aste Aste


Anonymous said...

oh TT is back?

ishu said...

welcum back TT .. :) welcome back happiness.. :)