5 May 2009

10 days!!

Previous 10 days of my life have to be termed "D Best". Best in so many ways that they cant be listed. Met wonderful people, de-toxified myself and returned lighter :)

Today all I got was "compliments" and "more compliments" that I look slimmer and at my best both at home and at office.

Interacted with top politicians, top directors and top actress during the stay. Me being the ever happy talkative girl soon became friends with them and so they now will visit me on my wedding.

TT gave me one more shock by visiting me there. I almost fainted seeing the whole family. Aunty feels I look weak though after all the loss and people will feel so in the wedding as well she claims.

Mom said she feels I dont look like her daughter anymore. Some asked whether I was ill. Others were too excited the way I look now.

All in All its Mission Accomplished!