4 Jun 2009


Me: Hey get me your account number and details will transfer cash.

J: I have mailed you the details, register my account as Payee and let me know.

Me: I have registered you as payee but it shows some ICN number along with your account. What is that?

J: I don’t know. Why don’t you transfer 1 rupee and check? If it gets credited then you can transfer the rest.

Me: Good Idea.

Me: It’s done. Check out & tell me.

J: I have got 1 rupee pa. By mistake I said transfer 1 rupee and you have done just that. Shit I should have asked you to tranfer 100 bucks :- )

I would have got some extra bucks.

Me: *Giggles*


J said...

ayyooo idduna blog yakkapa hakde... :)

Dums said...

Yappa .....

TT jothe eddu eddu ninu avla haage adtha ediya alle...