31 Aug 2009

I am a Herculean

All the sports stores here in Mysore have no stocks of Badminton racquets these days; Coz we are having SPI INTRA SHUTTLE BADMINTON TOURNAMENT – 2009 at workplace.
At any point, post 4pm one can hear the smashes and hits and aaahs and oh-nosss from the second floor of Food Court.

Nostalgia includes all the schools and colleges having divided the children into groups; sometimes Red, Blue, Green and Purple, and sometimes Faith, Peace, Charity and Courage. Each one in the class would be part of either of the group. When the participant won any intra cultural/academic/sports competitions then that would add up a point to the respective group in the point table. At the end of year when celebrating annual/cultural day the group that had the maximum number of points would win.

It was to be a constant endeavor to encourage participation and enhance team cohesiveness. It is the same here at work place. There are 4 teams having a blend of spiZens across all levels in the organization and the team members are randomly picked for formation of these 4 teams. The theme for the group names is based on "Legendary Warriors"; the names are The Herculeans, The Spartans, The Olympians and The Gladiators. Now you know why this title!!

Coming back to badminton, my old Yonex bat was carefully taken out of attic, dusted and cleaned this weekend. This bat that I am referring to has been with me ever since I started to play tournaments. Dad gifted me when I was in hmmm 8th; it has seen my greatest matches to the ones that I horribly lost.

Coming back to today, I played the singles category prelims. It was a rally match. Matches are of International standards but slightly modified to take care of the low-height terrace. So I won; straight sets. Yay. But prelims for women’s doubles and mixed doubles still remain. I am off to some practice with my partner, to get some co-ordination kicking but leaving you all to hum the age old song…”Dal Gaya Din…Hogayi Shaam”

The Wood tales...

There is just one Christ and only one Satan But have a look at the plot’s of few movies that I have listed below. I mean cheers to the creativity in movie making. The tale in all these flicks revolves around just two of them.

End Of Days

Da Vinci Code

Angels and Demons

The Omen

There are many such movies that I haven’t watched or rather have no clue about, but I can assure you that none will have repetitive story lines. Each movie will surely be different.

& look at us, we have around (cannot be counted) religions and associated people (call GODS) still our *all-the-other-wood* is nothing when compared to Hollywood.

The Sad part is all the stories here are so look-alike, copied (say Remake).
During the making each director/actor/actress quote that the story is different. It’s something that the viewers have never watched before. But when the movie is on the screens it’s the same old story.

It’s a SHAME; Really;

28 Aug 2009

That Old Smell

Old e-mails can revive all those memories. Some of which are forgotten and few of which can never be. They show how “addressing” the other person changed from 'Hello name' to ‘Dear’ followed by ‘Darling/Jaan/Sweets’ et el; yea the history can been viewed through those archives in your inbox. But yesterday I found an age old letter that I wrote to granny.

& no one can compare the kind of smell that old letter had to the gmail's / yahoomail's / rediffmail's / hotmail's increasing GB space.

27 Aug 2009

Stupid time

What is with this time I wonder…?

Right from the days when I had tons of homework to be done during school, to records to be completed (read as copied from previous batch) at college, to work to be accomplished by EOD at work place, to that 1 week vacation abode to chillax to that just 5 more minutes of sleep; it bloody ticks faster…

& when it is listening to the boring lecturers of teachers to lecturers and now the dumb meetings my PM calls for no reasons, how can I forget those marriages where I don’t know anyone but they know me very well; damn it, it always drags…..

Every time it’s those two needles which go round and round, the 12 numbers again and again. They bug me the most.

26 Aug 2009

The Bitter The Better

What’s bad?

Having to attend a reception of a close colleague’s sister who also happens to be my senior on a weekday and realizing that the saree I wanted to wear is at mom’s and not at in-laws.

What’s worst?

Having to drape that heavy kanjeevaram around me (in an elegant way mind you) & put on those jewels which are (my bad luck) not in the locker but still at home, to stand/sweat almost 20+ minutes in the long queue, hearing to all the pre-marriage hungama that happened at both the sides from people who stand ahead and behind me.

What’s worse?

Still waiting and realizing that I cannot eat the madve food due to this, reaching the couple on stage and understanding that the only way bride will identify me is if my colleague introduces me to her which he apparently did not coz he is busy managing/inviting people at the entrance.

When things go wrong you got to get better and not bitter. So few better things did happen like the somehow me murmuring “congrats along with I am Kavya” & the bride recognizing me just by my name, and then of course posing for the pic and finally that happiness I gave my colleague who genuinely wanted my presence. Like the icing on the cake, next day I reach office and colleagues address me as Lady in Red along with all those nice-nice compliments :- )

25 Aug 2009


Like a direction board that shows way to people but never seem to head anywhere :)

Sometimes I start relationg my life to objects

19 Aug 2009

Aug 19th

Me: It's August 19th today

Colleague: So?

Me: It's world photographers day

Colleague: aiyo rama how come you din't take off on your Naada Habba

Me: Giggles

Colleague: I guess aunty (refering to my ma) would have washed the camera and be done with the puja by now!

Sandalwood/Cubbonpark Sudhi

Yeddy will ACT; yes I am aware that all politicians act everyday. But this “acting” is about movies. If someone provides him with roles that will give shobha (as in respect and not Shoba akka) to his personality, for example Shivaji and Bhagat Singh.

btw he already has you-know-who akka!!

14 Aug 2009

Sandalwood Sudhi

Manoj is busy attending acting and dance classes. He wants to enter sandalwood and not to forget his dad has always groomed him to be a star. You guys must be wondering who Manoj and his dad are. Manoj is a crazy outcome; Ravi mama’s son.

We all hope Manoj’s launch is not like the one “Balaji” got. Only time will tell whether Manoj will be a STAR one day or some day.

11 Aug 2009

H(ey) 1 N(o) 1

The two letters that are in news these days are H and N. Yes while the world is shivering, coughing and sneezing H1N1 let us see what the “Mango People” (Err Aaam Jantha for people who haven’t watched Love Aaj Kal) are doing about this swine influenza A virus

Doctors: I should take advantage of this situation. Let me refer all common cold, sore throat cases for H1N1 diagnosis and this way I will get my mamool commission from laboratories.

Pathologists: I should plan different tariffs for such referrals. One for techies, one for regular person who hasn’t even gone out of home off late, one for people who travel outside often. Before the government centers are set-up and take charge, & that is known to people I should launch offer somewhat like “2 adult tested can get 1 child tested for free”

A school going kid: There is test tomorrow that I don’t want to take. I should cough a lot and tell maam that I am feeling sick. This way I can escape the test and get off for a week.

Recession affected techie: Yay I finally got an excuse for the questions relatives bombard “Neenu Foreign ge hogalwa”. I will create that panic saying swine flu is most affected in US so I do not want to take risk although I had an offer from company lately.

Paapa Pandu type hubby: Finally I can save all the money wife spends on PVR. This weekend when she asks for a movie I shall tell her that it’s too risky to go to a crowded place. There may be infected people around. Also I can avoid going to the market; let her buy veggie from the gaadiwala.

Sriramalu: I thought this is the most secure, non-risky department in the cabinet. Moreover I don’t even know or understand what these doctors tell me. Nor they convey what they want. Let me visit Tirupathi and woo Balaji to somehow get me out of this mishap. I will get 50+ crore crown if he helps me.

Ayurvedic doctor: Someone has spread the rumor that munching 25 Tulsi leaves will cure swine flu. I should get very few Tulsi leaves grind and mix it with honey, dilute it with lots of water, & get them in bottles. There is very less time. Finally ayurveda to the rescue; this will lessen those English doctor’s fame and their ego.

Salesman at signal lights: These soft cloths, ear buds or India maps are not worth selling. I should get some masks and sell them for a higher price. May be I should reach the air-port signal. Sales will hit sky high and I will become rich because of the rich disease.

Finally Me: I am totally fed up receiving mails on this disease, let me reply to who-ever mails me with, Swine Flu spreads through e-mails also; at least then my mailbox will not be flooded. "Aiii Choooo". OMG, seenu; Do I have it?

10 Aug 2009

Sandalwood Sudhi

In Mussanje Gelathi, father BP Srinivas and daughter Shalini play as professor and student falling in love. Shalu says critise after watching the movie.

In case any one of you watch the movie please come here and critise.
Thanks in advance :D

7 Aug 2009


After all your near and dear ones walk away from you; only then will you realize that you cannot live with your EGO!!!

4 Aug 2009

Sandalwood Sudhi

There was talk that n(I)mma Appu will be doing the remake of Tamil hit Nadodigal. But looks like Kichha/Hucha won the race. He got the rights for a whopping 40L.

2 Aug 2009

Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow

God has strange ways of communicating to me. Just when I thought now that I am all married and settled having those extra high calories wouldn’t matter, *bammm* he gives me Jaundice Hepatitis A.

So past 12 days have been staying at home and lying on bed coz I have no strength to walk (hence also cannot go to work). Yellow eyes, itchy skin and total puking; thanks to my doc my blood has been sucked thrice till now so I have 3 pricks on hand (more to come by the way). I have been swallowing/munching Tab Domstal 10mg 1-1-1 (half an hour before food), Tab Zofar.MD 1-1-1 (15 min before food), Tab Nexprofast 20 0-0-1 (1 hour before food). So by the time I have food I am half full with water in order to take all the above.

Coming to what my intake is, hmmm this should be pretty interesting at least to pen down. Initially it was just idly idly and idly (which used to come out after a perfect 3 hours of consumption, now to take it positively I am at least sure that my organs are keeping time). Next I started with dosa made on non-stick tava; oops forgot to mention I have to take them all plain. No chutney sambar and all. Then mom gave me rice which was close to ganji forms with some dal that had just salt. Later she tried feeding me with rava+salt+onions and same cooked like ganji. Thankfully these days what goes in does not come out (from mouth I mean).

Finally what the sunny side of this is a) I am diet AGAIN b) I get to spend some time with sis who is at home these days c) I learnt the importance of being married to a doc family d) I am getting pampered to the core from all e) I got to look at my wedding pics in a peaceful state of mind f) I saw all the movies that were in my dvds unseen g) I realized how co-operative, care taking my hubby is, & last but also the least I got to blog about it.

As I sip this cup of cane juice from “Cane O La La”, I request you all to watch before you eat anything that would lead you to this yellow disaster.