26 Aug 2009

The Bitter The Better

What’s bad?

Having to attend a reception of a close colleague’s sister who also happens to be my senior on a weekday and realizing that the saree I wanted to wear is at mom’s and not at in-laws.

What’s worst?

Having to drape that heavy kanjeevaram around me (in an elegant way mind you) & put on those jewels which are (my bad luck) not in the locker but still at home, to stand/sweat almost 20+ minutes in the long queue, hearing to all the pre-marriage hungama that happened at both the sides from people who stand ahead and behind me.

What’s worse?

Still waiting and realizing that I cannot eat the madve food due to this, reaching the couple on stage and understanding that the only way bride will identify me is if my colleague introduces me to her which he apparently did not coz he is busy managing/inviting people at the entrance.

When things go wrong you got to get better and not bitter. So few better things did happen like the somehow me murmuring “congrats along with I am Kavya” & the bride recognizing me just by my name, and then of course posing for the pic and finally that happiness I gave my colleague who genuinely wanted my presence. Like the icing on the cake, next day I reach office and colleagues address me as Lady in Red along with all those nice-nice compliments :- )


Anonymous said...

lady in red huh....uh haaa... compliments ge yavaglu hajaar