27 Aug 2009

Stupid time

What is with this time I wonder…?

Right from the days when I had tons of homework to be done during school, to records to be completed (read as copied from previous batch) at college, to work to be accomplished by EOD at work place, to that 1 week vacation abode to chillax to that just 5 more minutes of sleep; it bloody ticks faster…

& when it is listening to the boring lecturers of teachers to lecturers and now the dumb meetings my PM calls for no reasons, how can I forget those marriages where I don’t know anyone but they know me very well; damn it, it always drags…..

Every time it’s those two needles which go round and round, the 12 numbers again and again. They bug me the most.


Anonymous said...

blog bariyo time will be fast or slow?