31 Aug 2009

I am a Herculean

All the sports stores here in Mysore have no stocks of Badminton racquets these days; Coz we are having SPI INTRA SHUTTLE BADMINTON TOURNAMENT – 2009 at workplace.
At any point, post 4pm one can hear the smashes and hits and aaahs and oh-nosss from the second floor of Food Court.

Nostalgia includes all the schools and colleges having divided the children into groups; sometimes Red, Blue, Green and Purple, and sometimes Faith, Peace, Charity and Courage. Each one in the class would be part of either of the group. When the participant won any intra cultural/academic/sports competitions then that would add up a point to the respective group in the point table. At the end of year when celebrating annual/cultural day the group that had the maximum number of points would win.

It was to be a constant endeavor to encourage participation and enhance team cohesiveness. It is the same here at work place. There are 4 teams having a blend of spiZens across all levels in the organization and the team members are randomly picked for formation of these 4 teams. The theme for the group names is based on "Legendary Warriors"; the names are The Herculeans, The Spartans, The Olympians and The Gladiators. Now you know why this title!!

Coming back to badminton, my old Yonex bat was carefully taken out of attic, dusted and cleaned this weekend. This bat that I am referring to has been with me ever since I started to play tournaments. Dad gifted me when I was in hmmm 8th; it has seen my greatest matches to the ones that I horribly lost.

Coming back to today, I played the singles category prelims. It was a rally match. Matches are of International standards but slightly modified to take care of the low-height terrace. So I won; straight sets. Yay. But prelims for women’s doubles and mixed doubles still remain. I am off to some practice with my partner, to get some co-ordination kicking but leaving you all to hum the age old song…”Dal Gaya Din…Hogayi Shaam”


Anonymous said...

By the time I wish you all the best you are out of the game...