31 Aug 2009

The Wood tales...

There is just one Christ and only one Satan But have a look at the plot’s of few movies that I have listed below. I mean cheers to the creativity in movie making. The tale in all these flicks revolves around just two of them.

End Of Days

Da Vinci Code

Angels and Demons

The Omen

There are many such movies that I haven’t watched or rather have no clue about, but I can assure you that none will have repetitive story lines. Each movie will surely be different.

& look at us, we have around (cannot be counted) religions and associated people (call GODS) still our *all-the-other-wood* is nothing when compared to Hollywood.

The Sad part is all the stories here are so look-alike, copied (say Remake).
During the making each director/actor/actress quote that the story is different. It’s something that the viewers have never watched before. But when the movie is on the screens it’s the same old story.

It’s a SHAME; Really;


Pallu said...

I dont agree with this...