2 Aug 2009

Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow

God has strange ways of communicating to me. Just when I thought now that I am all married and settled having those extra high calories wouldn’t matter, *bammm* he gives me Jaundice Hepatitis A.

So past 12 days have been staying at home and lying on bed coz I have no strength to walk (hence also cannot go to work). Yellow eyes, itchy skin and total puking; thanks to my doc my blood has been sucked thrice till now so I have 3 pricks on hand (more to come by the way). I have been swallowing/munching Tab Domstal 10mg 1-1-1 (half an hour before food), Tab Zofar.MD 1-1-1 (15 min before food), Tab Nexprofast 20 0-0-1 (1 hour before food). So by the time I have food I am half full with water in order to take all the above.

Coming to what my intake is, hmmm this should be pretty interesting at least to pen down. Initially it was just idly idly and idly (which used to come out after a perfect 3 hours of consumption, now to take it positively I am at least sure that my organs are keeping time). Next I started with dosa made on non-stick tava; oops forgot to mention I have to take them all plain. No chutney sambar and all. Then mom gave me rice which was close to ganji forms with some dal that had just salt. Later she tried feeding me with rava+salt+onions and same cooked like ganji. Thankfully these days what goes in does not come out (from mouth I mean).

Finally what the sunny side of this is a) I am diet AGAIN b) I get to spend some time with sis who is at home these days c) I learnt the importance of being married to a doc family d) I am getting pampered to the core from all e) I got to look at my wedding pics in a peaceful state of mind f) I saw all the movies that were in my dvds unseen g) I realized how co-operative, care taking my hubby is, & last but also the least I got to blog about it.

As I sip this cup of cane juice from “Cane O La La”, I request you all to watch before you eat anything that would lead you to this yellow disaster.