17 Sept 2009

At an Altitude!!!

So yesterday was Wednesday. Most of the corporate offices expect employees to be in formals. Ditto at our work place; but Thursdays are also meant for casuals along with Fridays.

Now H (my colleague) mistook Wednesday to Thursday as he had applied leave on Friday.
Some miscreants pinned our HR manager that he wore casuals (typical J stuff) and that HR manager thought not wanting to, but had to raise a voice against him.

Today H came wearing a T shirt that read
“YES I wore this shirt yesterday”

Attitude I like... takes people to another Altitude!

True.. H looked a lil taller!


H said...

Wow..dis is wt writing is n creative at its best, nw i cn proudly say tht my frn is a grt writer too ...

Santhosh Lakshmegowda said...

geart write-up... this is waht I was expecting kaavz