15 Sept 2009

Bachpan K Din #1

Mangoes, holidays and RASNA; summers back in 90s were comprised of them. I was so impressed with the Rasna girl that I showcased that haircut (having a fountain on head). Rasna came in many flavors; mango, orange, pineapple, and lemon to file few. Me and Sanki (my CCC comrade/cousin in crime) would make sure that our respective homes had different flavor each summer so we could enjoy two essences.

Rasna had easily outnumbered the sales of ready to make concentrate like Roohafza. I bear in mind helping mom make the Rasna concentrate; taking given amount of water in vessel, adding sugar to it, constant stirring until every minute part of sugar is dissolved, introducing the Rasna power from sachet, pouring Rasna flavor maker in ml from the chota bottle and finally sieving the concentrate. In return I would get the first glass of that summer’s flavor.

After that first glass getting the next set of glasses was challenging; there were few rules made by mom and athe (CCC’s mom).

• A glass per week.

• Whenever guests visited home.

• On our birthdays (both of us are March born)

Rules were meant to broken; and so we did. Usually when mothers slept or went out to attend functions which confirmed that their absence near the kitchen would be for a longer interval, we would sneak into fridge, take the bottle out, mark the level of fullness and then pour it onto the glass. Later we made sure that some amount of water went inside the bottle so that it replaced the amount of liquid that was taken out and the level rose to the one that was previously noted.

This went on for a while until one fine day our dear moms found out that the bottle no more was a concentrate solution but was completely diluted; courtesy of course US. Thanks to the new features our own fridge had, they started locking it.

We both intelligently noticed the place where the key was kept (read hidden) and started sneaking that too; but it was no fun. The smuggling was expecting us to gulp the contents in the glass; but Rasna had to be relished, sip by sip if you ask.

Hmmmphhh so we both now had no other go but to wait till the guests arrived. I would ask the stupid crow to come and kaw kaw at our house; ajji told it was an indication of guests visiting.

It was one such day where I was at CCC’s place and his house had a visitor; his grandpa’s friend. Athe made 4 glasses; one for me, one for CCC, one for grandpa and one for the guest. It was ages since we both had the drink so even before athe got the serving tray CCC emptied his glass. He started pestering athe that he would serve the refreshment and athe nodded.

Very carefully and with lots of grace he carried the tray; placed it on a table. Before the visitor would take the glass, he took it and drank a sip. All including me were shocked; when asked why the hell he did that, he politely replied that he tasted to check whether the sweetness was OK.

This somehow was laughed away and forgotten (at that moment). But it obviously did not end there. The visitor and grandpa were done with the drink and the glasses were on the table. They still discussed stuff; meanwhile CCC entered the scene. People who know etiquettes leave some amount of drink inside the glass to specify that they need no more of it. It was same with the visitor and our grandpa. Now CCC picks up one glass, pours the content of that glass to another; hurriedly takes that too and tosses down the stuff.

Now a typical gowda family doesn’t like embarrassments in front of their guests; athithi devo bhava or something like that.

Next thing I know CCC runs off from the scene; but is caught by our P.T.Usha type athe. She holds him tight, closes his nose and pours the concentrate straight to his throat.

That was the last time CCC even spoke the word Rasna;

P.S: I am still searching for the pic where I am featuring the hairstyle. Once found will be posted until then "I LOVE YOU RASNA"!!!


Vinod said...

I will ask FC santhosh to get you Rasna, other than Tea/Coffee

Unknown said...

Yes,Rasna was such a revolution and it almost uprooted the age-old Rooh-afza.Loved the ad - I love you Rasna!

Michelle said...

I am taking a print out of this post and sharing with my daughter...she will love this...