17 Sept 2009

Certain Emotions This

When you are out from a tournament due to damn injury and that is your favorite sport; it’s a bad feeling.

When players who learnt the rules of the game just 2 days back managed to win the game; it’s a bad feeling.

When someone whom you have defeated in other forms of games previously, proceeds forward in the tournament just because none could manage to defeat that person; it’s a bad feeling.

When because of your absence the entire group is out of the tournament; it’s a horrible feeling.

Shame on ME.... No Seriously....

Vishesha Tippani: I forgot to login to ‘gmail’ yesterday and realized that when a colleague emailed asking for that day’s post. This is what happens when you have loads of work and you are working hard towards achieving that success.


H said...

100 times I told you just to stand that would have been enough

Santhosh Lakshmegowda said...

kaal ildhe football naanu adlilwa...u cld hv done