3 Sept 2009

Flash news

Nope not about YSR being found in the deep jungles; it’s about Dr.Ajay Hegde declaring me not fit to play the tournament.

Monday, while playing the first match I felt a “clocgggg” sound near my left knee. I thought it must be a sprain sorts and neglected. Forgot that the same thing had happened in March 2008.
On Tuesday morning I felt this heavy pain and was not able fold my leg; poured lots of hot water and then it felt good.

Limped all the way to office and back home; people at home including hubby kept asking what happened. I did not dare tell them about the game. Hubby had clearly instructed not to play as I am still recovering from Hep A.

Tuesday evening I had to reveal the problem as it became unbearable and the knee was badly swollen. I had the same gel he gave me last time, rubbed it and somehow felt relaxed. So thought will wait till Wednesday morning and then think about going to the doc. Past 2 months my only outing has been to the doctor/pathology. Just fed up. But god had another plan for me; wed morning I was not even able to move the leg.

We kept calling the doc but they never picked up the phone. When they picked they said that there were 25 patients already and hence it would take 10pm in case the doc would agree to see me else it would have to be the next day evening. Next day evening was too much pain to be sustained;

So I had to ask dad to send someone (in uniform) to see the doc. The khakhi has all the powers you see; the minute khakhi came into scene all was well. I was made to sit in an adjacent room and the doctor came there to see me. Doc examined very well (that’s the reason I go to him), told me that there is fluids formed hence he cannot do a thorough test and I will have to come back after they are gone. I was applying the Dicloran-MS gel he gave me last year and he asked me to continue the same. He prescribed two more tablets, Retoz 60mg 0-0-1 to lessen the pain and Misonic MG 1-0-0 to dissolve the fluids accumulated. Told me to take rest, to be very careful and take hot water packs whenever possible. He has asked to see him on sat again so that he does more examination as this is the second time the stupid ligament has torn.

So I am ruled out of the tournament! No issues, there are teams/people who need my cheering. I shall sit and do just that. As I do that you people please pray that this will be the last mishap of the year for me else hubby will certainly divorce me :- )


Pallu said...

What is wrong with you?

Dums said...

ha ha ha :) Hope this ll be ur last mishap of the millennium..Get well soon...