11 Sept 2009

Geet Gaatha Chal

Thoughts on a random order ....


While driving a long 30 min drive from office to home I switch on the radio on my car, all the stations play horrible songs. Every time I shift stations the severity of horridness increases. Then when I am almost home, *BANG* there starts my favorite drive-time song.

So I neatly park the vehicle by the side, listen to it and then head home. Or may be if it’s a great song and the fuel tank is full, I would take a U-turn, move a km ahead and take a turn back home.

Edited: Heck, many a times two different stations play good songs at the same time then I get confused to choose. On few other occasions, two stations play the same song with seconds of difference.


There is always a song that depicts my contemporary place. Be it ‘I-hate-my-present-life’ or ‘I-fought-with-x/y/z’, also ‘love-is-in-the-air’ to ‘work-life-rocks’; the scene arises and the song starts humming inside my head.

It is good most of the times; at least it gives me some sense of hope that somewhere someone else suffers the same pain/enjoys a similar happiness.


There is a memory/person connected with every gaana. Once the song is heard, every tiny bit of reminiscence unfolds.

The song ‘Hawa-Hawa’ was played in my neighborhood every day for n number of times when I was ehhh in LKG by ‘Sony’ akka who is a research pilot in NASA now. How can I forget the way Bhavana Di taught us dance steps for ‘Maye Ne Maye Ne’. Like ‘yeno-modi-madidhe’ reminds me of some one who sang that damn sweetly back in 2003 even though that person was rejected from the college orchestra.


Music is an integral part of my life. I cannot work, work-out, wait, and drive without it. It has to be there whether in ipod or in phone or on car system.

Some day may be I will go deaf due to constant plugging of head phones but heck who cares… turn that music on...

Will ya?


Santhosh Lakshmegowda said...

chennagide you are awsome as always...

Michelle said...

Wonderful !!! so true…. MUSIC strums your soul.

Vijitha said...

So true! music makes u feel at bay! Nice read.