10 Sept 2009

Huttu Habba

Midnight Calls and smses.

Wishes and more Wishes.

Surprises and shocks.

Blowing lit Candles.

Cutting Cakes.

Smudged Cream Face.

Getting Gifts.

New Outfits, Footwear and everything.

Chocolates and Sweets.

Treating friends.

Outing with Family.

Lunch/Coffee along Colleagues.

Kodak Moments.

Edited & Added: Birthday Bumps (I forgot that coz I have never received one) Thanks Sujay for pointing out the most fun part.

Finally at EOD you are a year older!!!

P.S: This post has nothing to do with wishing "the people" who are celebrating their birthday today.

P.P.S: First thing I saw when I switched on the TV was a screen that read "Year Predictions for Sep 10 Birthday folks"

P.P.P.S: The famous astrologer Somayyaji told this year will rock with money, fame, health and new relationships.


sujay said...

birthday bumps!

Michelle said...

I admire your thoughts…. Y don’t I think like this…..