14 Sept 2009

The Inside & Outside Story

The roads are neatly scrubbed and washed by the workers inside the campus while the roads outside have hallas/kollas.

The old roads are remade inside the campus even when they looked brand new; outside many roads are still made up of mud and stones.

The paints that signify a hump or a divider on the road was a little dim. It was repainted by the workers inside the campus while the roads outside have lost the paint completely ages ago.

The horticulture guys are planting new flower bearing plants along the walkway in order to make the campus look beautiful. Outside, the plants have not been watered and are on the verge of dieing a painful death.

The corporation has been given up the task of picking up smallest bits of litter inside the campus while outside the daily garbage is never picked and the rotten smell fills the houses around.

The entire police personals of the city are deputed inside the campus for rehearsing, making necessary security arrangements; outside an accident happens due to not working signal light.

The helicopter is being landed many times on the helipad just to check the good functioning of the system; outside the airport construction still goes on from donno how many years

The employees inside the campus have been asked not to get their vehicles as all the parking area will be evacuated. So much for working hard, increasing productivity and helping in growth of the campus.

Why you may ask? Ahem Mrs.Rajiv Gandhi is visiting Infosys Mysore Campus to inaugurate the new GDC which they say can hold 18000 people inside.

While Janatha who elected such representatives toil outside; these VVIP get Z category security inside the campus.


1. The Janatha is “Normal” and not very important.

2. Murthy wants some land for constructing more such campuses and only Maam will be able to sanction.

By the way the inauguration will happen tomorrow.


Heer said...

You write pretty well....:-)

Anonymous said...

Very nice Kaavya...do you really believe in inside and outside?