29 Sept 2009

It was a …

Closer Dasara
In terms of distance!


• We saw the private durbar really close; I mean so close that I could make out how slim Wodeyar is after he started following Power Yoga. We sat just next to the golden throne.

• We saw the Dasara procession more closer; I mean so damn close that I could also throw flowers to goddess Chamundi like CM and his better half (in politics I mean). We sat in VIP stand that was just opposite to the dais from where the puja is performed.

• We saw the Torch light parade even more closely; so close that we were on TV9, Suvarna news and Doordarshan. We sat just in front of the dignitaries Governor, CM, Akka and Narendra Modi.

Saffron Dasara
The lotus color and the fragrance prevailed everywhere;


• There were close to 6 tabloids that linked themselves to ‘shivalinga’ and that’s coz the honorable CM hails from the same genre.

• The torch light parade had some random dance form of the Marathas just because of the presence of Modi Saab.

• There was a tabloid of “Suthur Matt” showcasing the entire nice-nice job that they are doing.

• The Laser show presented the entire set of programs the sarkaar implemented and plans to implement.

‘Silly People Around' Dasara
Haphazard things I observed as Dasara is ‘Naada Habba’ and interaction with people (all kinds) was involved even if not wanting to, are below.

• They don’t even mind sneaking along saying they are a family too, their funda is watch it hook or crook and with whomever.
• They always stand up from their chairs when things are not visible; they are not even bothered about jantha at the back. Sometimes they pile up 2-4 chairs so that the height factor goes up and they can view stuff. They forget that they are taking away chance from 3 more people who could have araam se sat on the chairs and watch the proceedings.

• They are accompanied by their 2-3 year old kids and are not even concerned about their whereabouts; the kids stand on the chair, wail, cry and disturb the surroundings but the parents happily watch the festivities.

• When in queue they say dialogues like ‘my granddaughter is in the front, alone, I need to be with her’, ‘I am left behind alone and the family stays ahead’ to make way so that they can go forward in the line.

• They even command you with things like ‘why don’t you make your kid (which is 7 year old) sit on your lap so that I can have a seat?’ and then we have to shoo away telling them that we paid a ticket for the kid as well, the best part being there is not even a word of humbleness like ‘please’.

• For them taking pictures is more important and to succeed they don’t mind blocking the walking path. If you ask them to excuse they stare at you as of you tried snatching the camera they hold.

• They start calling their abcd relatives amidst the function and speak proud words like ‘I am in gold card holders region although I just had free entry pass’, ‘I touched Mary one of the kumki elephant’ and etc.

• They stare and mock at the phirang people who are peacefully trying to watch the grand rich traditions.

Finally, it was the First Dasara Post Marriage and hence was special on its own!!!


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