22 Sept 2009

Mysuru Dasara... Tumba Sundara

Each and every street, each and every road, each and every circle, each and every government building is lit. Vertical strands, horizontal strands, circular strands of lights make the entire Mysuru city look bright.

Many than 1000 species of flora and fauna are under a single display. Exhibit also includes ikebana and flowers (more than 5000) arranged to form Mahishasura & the Chamundi hills. Flower show in Curzon Park is open.

It’s not only “Welcome” and “Susswagatha”, but an inclusion of the 'Om' symbol lit up, in addition to the usual practice to light up the letters this time atop the Chamundi hills.

The best of Sandalwood is screening again. The ones that you might have missed sometime ago can be re-watched. Chalanachtrithsava in various theatres has begun.

In the rear of most of the autos there are hoardings of not-so-skinny ladies & animals performing acrobatics. Gemini Circus is back near Regency theatre.

Rangayana is sparkling with theatre artists from all over the state. Stage plays, Dramas and more such festivities galore at the Venue next to Kalamandir.

All kinds of state cuisines are put up under a common roof. Those foodie tongues must visit and get a gastronomic delight next to gun house.

Gombemane portrays the traditional doll arrangement; the dolls tell a story, each will be cherished by the kids for a long time. This one just next to the zoo.

Starting with bubbles made out of soap water at the entrance till the merry go round at the finish, Mysore Exhibition has a whole lot to offer to all. You name it and thou shall get them there. Don’t miss the Traffic stall put up at the exhibit (idea and execution – Dad), the zoo, various other departments who have showcased the jobs that they do.

The Golden throne can be now viewed; the palace is open for visitors. Its worth every single pie paid. One should not miss the special aasthan the king does; the view is just fantabulous. Post court events, the palace has classical touch to the stage.

For all the head banging type youth, Yuva Dasara has various artists flown from different parts of the country. Maharaja grounds witnesses the cream of singers, dancers and performers.

Dasara sports is a boon for all those budding talents to showcase their abilities on a platform that will provide them a ladder to climb up onto next level. Games like Mallakamba, Tribal Hill climbing, kite flying which have lost their glory ages ago will be featured here along with the famous ‘Kusti’.

Air show promises a bigger and brighter one this year. It’s a thrilling experience of air acrobatics by the suryakirans. Bannimantap grounds will host the event.

Yedyurappa and Shobakka together, & with me alone, welcome one and all to Naada Habba Mysuru Dasara 2009.

Be there, watch the royal procession on the eve of Vijaya Dashami.

Finally like the icing on the cake “The Torch Light Parade”; words are always less to describe this event. One must observe and feel the entertainment.

-- By a Mysorean, born and never been out of city for 25 years.


Dums said...

ur post made me sad :( :(
i am missing mysore .. Exhibition,flower exhibition, food exhibition. :( oh no.. i wanna go back to mysore...