7 Sept 2009

Old and Torn

While cutting those nails, you view the orange tinge of mehendi (that you tried to avoid while getting the bridal henna done 3-4 months back by applying a dense coat of nail color but somehow it still managed to peek through) at the tip of the nails. You chop the nails and hence shoo away that orange shade. Your nails are plain white now.

That’s when you realize that you are no more the new bride!


Anonymous said...

its not what u r? when u r ? its all about starting a new day.. every day.. feeling new for ur self... feeling good for ur self.. sometimes u need to be for ur self... if u feel like being ur self.. BE IT.. GET OUT!!!!!

Prats said...

it is easier to think of the disappearing orange as the 'beginnings if the new colors in your life' . All the best

Michelle said...

The orange colour fading away should not matter ….. This feeling of a new bride will creates a golden memories, feelings & sentiments. Each time you see a new bride, it will give you a wonderful feeling.