8 Sept 2009

Over a cup of coffee

• Two kids smack the glass while their parents discuss about the on going recession and how to manage the EMI’s.

• A matrimonially hooked up couple talk about their likes, dislikes, what they want from each other.

• A 40 something lady puffs those fumes of cigarette in the smoking zone while flipping the page of the novel.

• Bunch of friends meet after a long time and debate on how their life is not better than the rest.

• Three friends who bunked their class plan on which movie to be watched that evening.

• A 30 something woman hugs a good old friend who comforts her.

• A lovey dovey couple cuddles at the table which is at the corner.

Hopes, Aspirations, Romance, Problems, Loneliness, Fun, Comfort – Thy name COFFEE


Anonymous said...

I like tea though

humbl devil said...